Finding Time To Do It All | #GIRLBOSS LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! How is everyone doing today? Ever since I got back from vacation, I have been super inspired and motivated to continue working hard, and even taking on new challenges and doing new things.

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Fall 2017 Trends | FASHION

Hey babes, welcome back! It’s been literally FOREVER since my last post due to the lack of wifi from when I was in Europe, and my super busy last week since I came back. Now that I’m back from vacation, and settled in for second year of uni, I’m slowly getting my life back on track, getting myself into a routine, and writing a blog post was necessary for that to happen. Today’s post is a fashion one, and it is Fall Trends for 2017! Hope you enjoy! What’s your favourite trend for the fall?

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19th Birthday Adventures| Day at the Beach

Hey babes! WELCOME BACK! I’m currently on vacation in Greece and I haven’t had wifi in sooooo long, but I now discovered a mini cafe that has connection a little less than mediocre so I’m trying to make it work to the best of my ability! Enough with my rambling though, hello blogger friends! How’s it going? How has everyone been? I’m doing great, out here, LIVING, but more about those experiences soon! Today’s post is all about my 19th birthday, which is LONG passed (July 15) but it was one of my favourite days ever, so I had to write about it! Enjoy!

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Forest Adventures in LA 🌴 | TRAVEL DIARIES

Hey babes, welcome back! I am still in Los Angeles, living the life, so I’m super sorry for being inactive on my blog. One of these days I will have a chill out kind of day and catch up with everyone’s posts! Today, however, my boyfriend and I went on a mini photoshoot in a cute little isolated forest outside of LA! Here are some super cool shots we captured! Let me know what you think! Continue reading


Hey babes, welcome back! As I’m writing this I am laying down next to a pool tanning, in Los Angeles! I’m super duper sorry for not posting last week, but I wanted to take some time away from social media to enjoy the wonders of LA, and more importantly spend some time with my boyfriend, who I hadn’t seen in over four months. But things are back to normal now, so prepare yourself for all the content that will be coming your way for the next month and a half! Today’s post is one about what I packed with me!  Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee TAG/ June Round Up | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is one of my favourite ones to write and it is the “If we were having coffee” tag. I love these more personal sit down and chit-chat posts, and I hope you get to know me a little bettaa by the time you’re done reading! Since this is a coffee talk, however, it’s essential that you grab yourself a big cup of coffee!  Continue reading