Having Hope for the Future | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! HAPPY FRIDAY! How’s it going? I hope you’re having a good day! Today is one of those days where I was feeling sentimental and wanted to rant about an important life message, so I really hope you give this one a read and find it helpful or inspiring! 

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Hey babes, welcome back! How is everyone’s day going? With Spring being here and summer right around the corner I wanted to do a post all about traveling since a lot of people will be jumping on a plane the first chance they get! Since I travel all the freaking time, I’ve finally aced the art of packing all things necessary on my carry on, so I thought you might find this helpful!

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Things to Research in Your Free Time | The Art of Always Learning

Heyyy guys! What’s up everyone?? Yesterday was the last day of exams of my second year of college which means today is officially the first day of my summer!! I honestly could not be happier. 

To celebrate the finish of the school year, I went out with a friend yesterday and baked brownies and cookies while sipping on some sparkling wine, so you already know that was a good day. This morning, I woke up super early and deep cleaned my whole entire apartment, since with all the panic studying a lot of chores and housekeeping took the back seat for a little bit and fell lower on my priorities list, but I love me a clean space, so it was the first thing I did!  Continue reading


Hey babes, welcome back! A couple of days ago it was Earth Day so do me a favour and read this, because it’s super important! First of all, considering this is our one and only home (as far as we know) it definitely deserves to be celebrated every single day of the year, but that’s just my opinion! Today let’s chat about things we can all do today to help better care for our world!  Continue reading