The Art of Appreciation | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to write a mini post about Appreciation, as it’s a topic I’m very passionate about these days.

I am a strong believer in that no matter what the situation might be, good or bad, there is always a part of it that you can appreciate and enjoy. In every circumstance there is a memory, or an experience, or a lesson, or a realization, or a piece of information that you just learned about yourself, or something.  Continue reading

HOW TO: Summer Clean Your Personal Life | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Seeing as today is Monday, and the whole week is ahead of us, I wanted to put out a more motivational post, or rather a “get my shit together” post. My long summer vacation has just recently started and I feel rather uneasy about beginning a new season without starting fresh, so this is a post of things I will be doing to clean my apartment, my body, my mind,  and my life in general.  Continue reading

2017 goals update & my pre-quarter life crisis | LIFESTYLE

Hey, hi, hello, welcome back! Oh my Gosh, this week has been sooooo nice! With school officially out, I feel like I have all the free time in the world, so naturally I have spent it laying in bed binge-watching Vampire Diaries. So today, while I was on the right path to continuing that pattern, I found myself scrolling through twitter and saw a quote which went something like this:

1/3 of the year is gone. Are you on track to meet your goals?

Continue reading

Things to be Grateful for on a Monday

Hey babes, welcome back! As I’m writing this, I should probably be on my desk studying for my Spanish final tomorrow, which I already know won’t go too well. Spanish has been an 8AM class every other day, for this entire year, so it’s fair to say that I accidentally slept through a few classes. As a result, I’m super behind trying to get it all together and prepare myself for this super long super hectic final.  Continue reading