Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to finally share with you my summer time bucket list. This is a huge list but I have faith that between now and September I will check off most of these. Obviously, this is not the finalized list, and things are most likely going to be added as they come to me. By the end of summer, I’ll do a recap post to see how many of those I actually accomplished. Hopefully this provides some inspiration for you guys so you can add some of these onto your own list. 

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Hey babes, welcome back! How is everyone’s day going? With Spring being here and summer right around the corner I wanted to do a post all about traveling since a lot of people will be jumping on a plane the first chance they get! Since I travel all the freaking time, I’ve finally aced the art of packing all things necessary on my carry on, so I thought you might find this helpful!

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Hey babes, welcome back! A couple of days ago it was Earth Day so do me a favour and read this, because it’s super important! First of all, considering this is our one and only home (as far as we know) it definitely deserves to be celebrated every single day of the year, but that’s just my opinion! Today let’s chat about things we can all do today to help better care for our world!  Continue reading