December Bucket List

Hey babes, welcome back! Happy December, can we just talk about the fact that 2017 went by so fast, it feels like at some point I blinked and it was 4 months later, what happened?! Today I wanted to share with you my bucket list for the month of December in hopes that A. I will inspire you to make your own and B. I will feel pushed to get out of my comfort zone, and actually check everything off even during the busiest month of the year. 

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Blogging Advice | one year blog anniversary

Hey babes, welcome back! Currently on coffee numba 2 so excuse the hyperness, but if you’ve been here a while I’m sure you didn’t expect anything different! Today marks my one year in the blogging world and I could not be more excited ohhhhmygooood. So I thought it’d be fitting to talk about my experience, things I learned, my milestones, etc, as well as give advice to newbie (or not) bloggers as we can all always learn something new! Continue reading