If We Were Having Coffee | February Life Update

Hey babes, welcome back! How are you doing today? ❤ Today is Friday and I’m having a really good morning so I felt like a chit-chat post was very fitting! I have some very exciting things happening, and we’re all friends here so I just wanted to keep you posted! I hope you enjoy!  Continue reading


If We Were Having Coffee | January Life Update

Hey babes, welcome back! How is everyone doing? It’s currently 1:42AM but I just got back from LA yesterday so naturally I’m jet lagged so yay for late night productivity, amiright?! Today I wanted to do a more chit chat post, giving you a nice little life update because I have some really exciting things happening soon! Enjoy x

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Things You Might Not Know About Me | these might shock you

Hey babes, welcome back! How are you all doing? I’m writing this super last minute, which is very unlike me, but to be fair I am in California, on a weekend getaway to San Diego in the comfortable bed of this random hotel that is literally right on the beach, like RIGHT ON the beach, so I’m sure I at least get some credit for effort, right?! Today’s post is about some things you probably don’t know about me, because although I’m super open with all of you in my posts, I’ve only been blogging for about a year so it’s impossible for us to catch up on 19+ years of life experiences within a few posts a week.  Continue reading

2017 RECAP – traveling, getting healthy, uni, self growth

Hey babes, I recently went back and read my super old posts from last year when I first started blogging & I found a 2016 RECAP which made me super happy to look back, see how much has changed, how much I’ve grown, attach highlights of every month and review this past year! I think Jan started off great, and the year got so much more fun as time passed! 

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