Books to Read This Fall | fall TBR

Hey babes, welcome back! I’ve been meaning to post this for soooo long, so I’m really excited for you guys to finally be reading it! Although I’m very very very busy, I always love reading as a form of escaping reality and all the stresses of life, and just getting some relaxation! In the fall, I always get very excited writing my Reading List of the season. The books that I tend to grab for in the fall months are either super inspirational, girlboss, get things done, type of books, in addition to romance novels because they are always a great choice! Hope you enjoy! 

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My Fall Bucket List 2018

Hey babes, welcome back! HAPPY OCTOBER 1st! 

I am actually so so so excited for October as the weather has juust recently started getting a little bit cooler in Toronto and now I can officially wear all the sweaters that I showed you guys in my $500 BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL post! 

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Day in the Life of a College Student: first day of classes!

Hey babes, welcome back! (I wrote this post a week ago but it never posted so, here it is)

Today is officially the first day of school, therefore sweater weather, vanilla lattes and candle talk are all acceptable topics of discussion. Fall 2018 here we go. Today was the first day of junior year. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too too excited. As summer is for sure my favorite season, its always a difficult transition.

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Preparing For Change | Back-to-School Advice

As much as we all hate it, summer 2018 is literally at the brick of being over, which is obviously very upsetting. I always go through the denial phase each year, and then I eventually just suck it up, accept my failure and act all bratty for a couple of weeks until it’s almost midterm season at school and I have other things to panic about instead of just the weather. This year will be no different, I promise. Anyways over the years, I’ve created a form of ritual or routine to help me deal with change. Today I’ll share that with you in hopes of helping a girl out. 

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5 Books You MUST Read | End of Summer Edition

Hey babes, what’s upp ❤ Truth be told, I’ve debated between writing and not writing this post for over a week, but if your eyeballs are reading this I guess I’ve made up my mind. Now let me explain, I KNOW its August 10th. I KNOW, it’s back to school season. I KNOW I should probably be writing about fall related topics, but your girl loves summer and I’m refusing to believe that summer is practically over.  To be fair, I’m back in California for the next 2 weeks and I’ve been sweating non stop all day, which I guess it’s probably why I’m denial… 

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