17 Things I Learned in 2017

Hey babes, welcome back! did you think I was going to miss today’s post? Nooope, here I am writing this at 11.34PM on Dec 22, 2017 because I committed to posting every other day for BLOGMAS and I won’t myself screw up this routine 3 days before it’s over, so hello! Today I’m going to be talking about the 17 things I learned in 2017! Enjoy x

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How To Stop Caring About What People Think | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to do a coffee talk about being yourself, and being okay with being yourself, without worrying about judgement. From a very young age we get socialized to act a specific way, follow the rules, listen to our elders, and follow the herd like we are sheep. I’m here to tell you to be a wolf.

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Exposing my Fake Friends | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a rant, which we will go ahead and call a “Coffee Talk” so it sounds more elegant. As I was scrolling through the reader section, this post came up & just by reading the title, the first thing I did was open a new tab and start typing this. In today’s post I’ll talk about some of my experiences with my fake friends, in the surprisingly recent past and there is a good chance that these people will read these soooooo, let’s get right into it hahah

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Boys | Coffee Talk

Hey, hi, hello ❤ Welcome back!! I got this random burst of inspiration to write a more personal post all about boys, but there was too much I wanted to talk about relating to boys, and relationships, and girl struggles, and TMI stuff, and of course I wasn’t going to fit all that in a single post and bore you to death, so instead I’m making it a new thing on my blog, sort of like a series where I just ramble about things like that! And since I drink crap ton of coffee, let’s call these Coffee Talks!  Continue reading

The Art of Appreciation | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to write a mini post about Appreciation, as it’s a topic I’m very passionate about these days.

I am a strong believer in that no matter what the situation might be, good or bad, there is always a part of it that you can appreciate and enjoy. In every circumstance there is a memory, or an experience, or a lesson, or a realization, or a piece of information that you just learned about yourself, or something.  Continue reading