Exposing my Fake Friends | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a rant, which we will go ahead and call a “Coffee Talk” so it sounds more elegant. As I was scrolling through the reader section, this post came up & just by reading the title, the first thing I did was open a new tab and start typing this. In today’s post I’ll talk about some of my experiences with my fake friends, in the surprisingly recent past and there is a good chance that these people will read these soooooo, let’s get right into it hahah

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Monday Motivation 04 | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a Monday Motivation post featuring my favourite quotes, because A. a ton of you like them! B. I need to be super productive this week so I’m finding some quotes to get me in that productive mode but also C. Because I’m currently sipping on coffee, looking through Pinterest, & it feels right. Here are my favourite quotes at this moment! Comment yours down below! Enjoy! x

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19th Birthday Adventures| Day at the Beach

Hey babes! WELCOME BACK! I’m currently on vacation in Greece and I haven’t had wifi in sooooo long, but I now discovered a mini cafe that has connection a little less than mediocre so I’m trying to make it work to the best of my ability! Enough with my rambling though, hello blogger friends! How’s it going? How has everyone been? I’m doing great, out here, LIVING, but more about those experiences soon! Today’s post is all about my 19th birthday, which is LONG passed (July 15) but it was one of my favourite days ever, so I had to write about it! Enjoy!

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Boys | Coffee Talk

Hey, hi, hello ❤ Welcome back!! I got this random burst of inspiration to write a more personal post all about boys, but there was too much I wanted to talk about relating to boys, and relationships, and girl struggles, and TMI stuff, and of course I wasn’t going to fit all that in a single post and bore you to death, so instead I’m making it a new thing on my blog, sort of like a series where I just ramble about things like that! And since I drink crap ton of coffee, let’s call these Coffee Talks!  Continue reading

Ariana Grande

May 23, 2017 ~ 1:29AM

Hey guys, first of all, if you’re not in a mood for my thoughts on a sad event that happened on May 22, please click away, this one isn’t for you. You might understand from my writing that this isn’t my usual happy writing, and for that I’m sorry, however I am feeling quite differently right now that how I usually feel when I write posts. Continue reading