5 Super Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I’m patiently waiting for my warm coffee to freeze, so it can be turned into a homemade iced coffee, and let me tell you, waiting for coffee to get ready is worse than waiting for paint to dry. So while all that is happening I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite go-to snacks for the spring and summer time! These are all on the healthier side and definitely delicious so I totally recommend you try them! 

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What I Eat In a Day

Hey babes, welcome back! How’s your day going? I just finished having brunch and got inspired to share with you guys what I eat in a day because we all deserve to eat delicious healthy food! Gotta spread the word, ya know? I try to keep all my meals healthy and stay as far away as I can from junk food because we only have one body and we have to take care of it!  ENJOY! X

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5 #Girlboss Apps You NEED!

Hey babes, welcome back! I just realized that it is officially April, which marks our entrance into the 4th month of the year, and therefore the 1/4th checkpoint of 2018. So having already completed 1/4th of the way, how far into your goals are you? Hopefully all of you are right on track and have achieved everything you wished you had by this point, but if you have let a couple of things slide here and there, then I have some apps that can help you get your life back on track!

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15 Easy Ways To Get In Shape for Summer Break | HEALTH

Hey babes, welcome back! Happy Tuesday March 6th! How is it March already?! 2018 started like 3 days ago! Well, good news is that Spring Break is right around the corner so a lot of us are getting a little bit of time off school and work and hopefully flying to a very distant tropical destination where our stresses can’t reach us! I am not that lucky this year, but there is always hope for the future. Regardless, for those of you who are trying to get bikini ready for all the beach parties during the Spring Break, today I’m writing all about easy and quick ways that I use to feel a little bit healthier and get back into shape!

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HOW TO: Prepare For The Most Productive Week | GIRLBOSS LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I’m doing a post all about easy things to do on the weekend, in order to prepare yourself for a super energetic, positive, and productive week! These are things that have personally worked for me, and I hope can also work for you. Be sure to leave any tips you might have in the comment section, so we can all help each other out!

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How To Deal With Stress | Lifestyle

Hey babes, welcome back! Happy Day 4 of BLOGMAS! Super hyped! Currently on coffee #2, since it’s one of those weeks with a ton of things to be done in order to be ready for finals’ season (starting next week). I know a lot of my friends are experiencing super high levels of stress and this seems to be true for a lot of the general population of students everywhere, so I figured a stress related post was a must! I hope you enjoy! Xx

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Habits That Changed My Life | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, then 1. Thanks, you’re a real one, but also 2. You know that I spend a solid 98% of my time planning my future, and looking for ways to improve myself in an attempt to make the most out of life. 

Along the way I’ve tried out many different suggestions that I got from the people who inspire me the most in real life, but also virtually. Today however is not about the habits that came and went, but rather the ones that have stayed and changed my life. Here are 5 habits that changed my life for the better. Enjoy! xx  Continue reading

30 Habits of Successful people |#GIRLBOSS

Hey babes, welcome back! Last week I wrote a post titled HOW TO BE A #GIRLBOSS  and I promised you guys a sequel to this mini #GIRLBOSS series. In today’s post, I put together a long list of habits that successful people have. I spend a lot of my time studying people so I’ll observe people who are happy, who are successful, who are sad and look at their daily habits, and then try to incorporate the ones I want into my own life. So these are habits that I have, habits that my successful friends have, habits that my favourite successful YouTubers and bloggers have talked about etc. If I left anything out, leave it in a comment below so we can all help each other out!  Continue reading


Hey babes, welcome back! Today I’m writing a post all about being a #GIRLBOSS because for me, the term GirlBoss refers to girls working hard on themselves and on their craft, and becoming the best version of themselves. This is something I have been doing for years and something I will continue to do for the years to follow, so finding a term that defines me so well has been amazing.  Continue reading

LAZY/SICK DAY ESSENTIALS & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Hey babes, welcome back! Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed (yes, all four of them) so naturally today I’m unable to eat, speak, or even brush my teeth because if I do, I risk my stitches being pulled out, and I would HATE to go through that process all over again, so here I am, in my bed being lazy all day, since I can’t do anything else, but I don’t want to mess up my daily blogging goal, as I’ve posted something every single (working) day for the last two weeks and one day, sooooooo here I am! Today’s post is all about my Lazy Day Essentials!  Continue reading