Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | FASHION

Hey babes, welcome back! Happy early Thanksgiving to my American babes! Today I wanted to show you some outfit ideas for casual, semi formal & formal events! I hope you enjoy! 

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Blogging Advice | one year blog anniversary

Hey babes, welcome back! Currently on coffee numba 2 so excuse the hyperness, but if you’ve been here a while I’m sure you didn’t expect anything different! Today marks my one year in the blogging world and I could not be more excited ohhhhmygooood. So I thought it’d be fitting to talk about my experience, things I learned, my milestones, etc, as well as give advice to newbie (or not) bloggers as we can all always learn something new! Continue reading

Exposing my Fake Friends | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a rant, which we will go ahead and call a “Coffee Talk” so it sounds more elegant. As I was scrolling through the reader section, this post came up & just by reading the title, the first thing I did was open a new tab and start typing this. In today’s post I’ll talk about some of my experiences with my fake friends, in the surprisingly recent past and there is a good chance that these people will read these soooooo, let’s get right into it hahah

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Monday Motivation 04 | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a Monday Motivation post featuring my favourite quotes, because A. a ton of you like them! B. I need to be super productive this week so I’m finding some quotes to get me in that productive mode but also C. Because I’m currently sipping on coffee, looking through Pinterest, & it feels right. Here are my favourite quotes at this moment! Comment yours down below! Enjoy! x

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Habits That Changed My Life | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, then 1. Thanks, you’re a real one, but also 2. You know that I spend a solid 98% of my time planning my future, and looking for ways to improve myself in an attempt to make the most out of life. 

Along the way I’ve tried out many different suggestions that I got from the people who inspire me the most in real life, but also virtually. Today however is not about the habits that came and went, but rather the ones that have stayed and changed my life. Here are 5 habits that changed my life for the better. Enjoy! xx  Continue reading

Appreciate the Small Things in Life | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving having just passed a couple of days ago, I wanted to write a gratitude related post as it seemed to be the most fitting. But instead of making this about me, and rambling on and on about all the things that I am grateful for, I wanted to make this a post that al of you could find helpful or inspiring. So here it goes: a post about learning to appreciate the small things in life.

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