WEEK IN MY LIFE| Most exciting week of 2017 & YouTube!

HEY HI HELLO, Welcome back! I am on my third coffee for the day and the day is still VERY young so let’s see where it takes us. I recently moved back into my parents’ house, and this was the first official week of my Summer break, and let me tell you, it has already been super eventful!

As I’m writing this, I just recently posted my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO and I’m beyond freaking excited!!! If you wanna be a real one & make my day, check out my video HERE and Subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE ! It would mean the world to me 🙂

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Ariana Grande

May 23, 2017 ~ 1:29AM

Hey guys, first of all, if you’re not in a mood for my thoughts on a sad event that happened on May 22, please click away, this one isn’t for you. You might understand from my writing that this isn’t my usual happy writing, and for that I’m sorry, however I am feeling quite differently right now that how I usually feel when I write posts. Continue reading