Day in the Life of a College Student: first day of classes!

Hey babes, welcome back! (I wrote this post a week ago but it never posted so, here it is)

Today is officially the first day of school, therefore sweater weather, vanilla lattes and candle talk are all acceptable topics of discussion. Fall 2018 here we go. Today was the first day of junior year. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too too excited. As summer is for sure my favorite season, its always a difficult transition.

Summer for me is the season in which I can just do anything and everything that I’m passionate about. I can blog and film youtube videos and stream video games and it feels totally acceptable. But when September comes around, I have to stick to a schedule and take classes that I must take, and read expensive textbooks and get a “real job” which along everything else is stressful.

Sometimes I feel like I’m Hannah Montana living a double life, one is my dream life, and the other is my “safety net” in case this social media thing doesn’t work out.


Anyways back to my first day back! Waking up was brutal, since I’ve been staying up super late watching Ozark every day for the past week, or playing fortnite. Thankfully I don’t take too long to get ready for school do I can be out of the house 20 minutes after I get out of bed.

In my first class I felt like a zombie. I was barely awake and it was a real struggle finding the building and classroom. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one, and ended up making a new friend who was equally as lost!

After that super long class, I had a 2 hour long break. During that time I worked on some overlays and other technical stuff for my stream and then met up with my friend Bella and chilled on campus for a bit! After that, I saw my girl Emma that I’ve known since my first year in university but haven’t seen in forever so it was really nice catching up! I think the most exciting part of first week of school is definately seeing all your friends who have been away on vacation or back to their hometown for the summer months! (plus meeting new people and joining new classes, but you know 😉 ) 

After that I went home and read over my syllabi for my classes and got a feel of how much effort would be needed for each class. Most of them were fine, except an anthropology class that I took as an elective so I tried to drop that and enrol into a new class but that was a very long complicated ordeal so I’m stuck in anthro, unless I can find another class by the end of the day today! 

Anyways, I look forward to this semester. I’m planning on starting some new habits this year, but those plans are still in the works. More info coming soon 😉 

How was your first day of classes? Do you have friends in your classes? What’s your favorite class that you’re taking this semester / that you have taken in the past (if you’re out of school)? 

Thank you guys for reading!

Love you x



15 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a College Student: first day of classes!

  1. Ahh I bet it’s all exciting at the same time. I remember getting all excited and nervous about new semesters. Oh and I love your dress/jumpsuit. It’s giving me autumnal vibes 😍
    P.s – I’d love for us to follow on Instagram too, I’m reaching out to all the blogger friends.. xx

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  2. Loved this post! I totally agree that it’s exciting to see all your friends after the long summer. I can relate to trying to drop one class to enroll in another but it’s an utter pain to find another class. In my case the only class that was available would clash with my other classes. Definitely not worth having to redo my entire schedule. Haha!

    I recently started a blog. Would you mind checking it out?

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