Preparing For Change | Back-to-School Advice

As much as we all hate it, summer 2018 is literally at the brick of being over, which is obviously very upsetting. I always go through the denial phase each year, and then I eventually just suck it up, accept my failure and act all bratty for a couple of weeks until it’s almost midterm season at school and I have other things to panic about instead of just the weather. This year will be no different, I promise. Anyways over the years, I’ve created a form of ritual or routine to help me deal with change. Today I’ll share that with you in hopes of helping a girl out. 


Step one: Reflect 

When I start feeling the anxiety of “summer is almost over and I got nothing done”, I open up my journal and just start brainstorming all the memories I have from the second I finished school. I’ll write down things like:

  • 10 day California trip
  • Read book “Since you’ve been gone
  • Watched the fireworks on Canada Day
  • Worked and saved up xyz amount of money
  • Bought a donut floaty and swam in the pool almost daily
  • Filmed youtube video

This way I’m reminded of everything and begin to feel as if the summer has not been a complete waste.

Step two: Plan

This is by far the most important step. Planning. You need to give yourself incentives to want back-to-school season to arrive. So plan some really exciting things. It will look something like this:

  • Coffee date with the girlies
  • J. Cole Concert 
  • Back to school shopping (for clothes and maybe a pen or two)
  • CNE Festival
  • Frosh week + partying

Making a list like this will force you to get hyped for the things that are still yet to come, so your brain will begin to associate the month of September with exciting fun plans and not just “school” “student loans” “8am classes” etc

Step three: Change Things Around

Every time I enter a new “phase” in life, or a new season in the year, I move my furniture around in my room. Sometimes I might even go drop some of my paycheck to add some cute Pinterest-inspired touches to my room, like a new plant. This gives my work/living space an entirely new vibe, that is exciting and happy, and it separates the old chill lazy summer vibe from this new refreshed productive vibe! Same thing applies to clothes! Buy yourself some cute outfits, or accessories, or makeup and you’ll feel like a new person! 

For inspiration for all the steps I use We Heart It, or Pinterest! 

How do you deal with change?


Love you guys xx




12 thoughts on “Preparing For Change | Back-to-School Advice

  1. This is great!

    I deal with change differently depending on what the change is and if I’m looking forward to it. When I moved into my new apartment last year, it was a welcomed change. When I needed to take over for my supervisor when she was on maternity leave, wasn’t so welcomed. Lol. It took a lot out of me but I eventually made it through and now I have to look forward to it again in January.

    XO Steph

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