Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Hey babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to finally share with you my summer time bucket list. This is a huge list but I have faith that between now and September I will check off most of these. Obviously, this is not the finalized list, and things are most likely going to be added as they come to me. By the end of summer, I’ll do a recap post to see how many of those I actually accomplished. Hopefully this provides some inspiration for you guys so you can add some of these onto your own list. 


I always find my inspiration for things on my WeHeartIt account. I have created a board dedicated to summer 2018, so you can feel free to check it out here (opens in a new tab). It’s essentially an online vision board! 



  • Get out of the country
  • Explore a new city
  • Go on photoshoots
  • Have an amazing birthday
  • Get on a helicopter
  • Day on the beach
  • Go to a concert / music festival
  • Go to a carnival
  • Workout regularly
  • Go on a road trip
  • Tan
  • Go biking
  • Read a bunch of books
  • Pull an all-nighter
  • Take underwater pictures
  • Shop
  • Go to Universal Studios
  • Drive in theatre on a truck filled with pillows and blankets
  • Go on the Hollywood hike
  • Campfire
  • Go clubbing
  • Night swimming
  • Laser tag
  • Picnic
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Watch a sunset
  • Get a fake/temporary tattoo



My overall focus for this summer is to bond with the people I love the most, and create some incredible memories. Although Summer 2017 was a literal blast, unfortunately I will not be going to Greece this summer, so I will be exploring and making the most out of my area. 

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Like this post if you enjoyed it! & Comment your thoughts. 

~~ What is on your bucket list for summer 2018? Will you be travelling or staying local?



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P.S. Thank you for 3K you guys are the best ❤



24 thoughts on “Ultimate Summer Bucket List

  1. My bucket list this summer is to go camping and go to the beach as much as possible! I’d love to travel, but with a baby due in August, and already having a toddler, traveling will have to wait a few more years. Thanks for reminding me to make the most of every single day!

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  2. This bucket list really makes me smile, like all the bullets are like so good and amazing. If you manage to do all these things you can for sure say you’ve had the best Summer possible ❤ xx


  3. I so relate to this, but I’m from Singapore and unfortunately things to do here are limited. Although it’s always summer here, I’ve got things planned for the “summer” and I’m super excited!! Hope you have a great summer 💕

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