Fall 2017 Trends | FASHION

Hey babes, welcome back! It’s been literally FOREVER since my last post due to the lack of wifi from when I was in Europe, and my super busy last week since I came back. Now that I’m back from vacation, and settled in for second year of uni, I’m slowly getting my life back on track, getting myself into a routine, and writing a blog post was necessary for that to happen. Today’s post is a fashion one, and it is Fall Trends for 2017! Hope you enjoy! What’s your favourite trend for the fall?


Fur is pretty much a huge trend every single fall and winter season. Of course I am referencing FAUX fur, as no animal should lose its fur for a human to turn it into a jacket, but fur in any colour and shape is a HUGE trend this season. On a jacket, a vest, shoes, purses, everywhere!


Pictures from Pinterest


Anything that looks like it has been taken apart and put back together a little oddly, is huge in the fashion world. It’s meant to look unusual and off-balanced.


Pictures from Pinterest


Leather has come back this fall and I couldn’t be more excited! Mostly used in the form of pants, but jackets, purses, boots are all acceptable!


Pictures from Pinterest


Florals, obviously in darker tones since it’s fall have stayed crucial in the fashion world. Shirts, dresses, jackets, everything!


Pictures from Pinterest


Slogan Tees were a huge hit in the Spring & Summer and have remained a big trend for the fall season as well.


Pictures from Pinterest


Two piece sets are also a huge trend of this fall. Not only do they require zero effort, since you don’t need to worry about what to wear it with, but you’ll always look super put together when you wear them! It’s like two items of clothing that were literally made for each other!


Pictures from Pinterest

Some other trends that will be big in the fall months are oversized jackets, collars, fringe fashion, glitter, cold-sounder, pattern on pattern & signature shoes!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed/found this helpful! What’s your favourite rrend for the fall season?

Until next time,

Georgia X


fall trends


87 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Trends | FASHION

  1. Hi Georgia! Great post! I love all of these trends, especially floral and leather. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy leather pants like the ones that you had in the post?

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    1. Well everyone has different opinions, all of which are accepted by me. I personally prefer to use faux fur, faux leather and faux everything as I don’t think an animal should lose its own fur for my fashion statements, but everyone else can do whatever they find appropriate 🙂 I’m glad you liked the post! Thanks for stopping by! X

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      1. I’m sorry if that came out the wrong way! I literally see the same thing in fashion mags and television and whatnot, and have vegan friends that still purchase leather but not fur. I hadn’t meant to criticize your opinion. Just thinking out loud how funny it is to read a fashion mag and see them promoting leather goods in juxtaposition with denouncing real fur lol. And I thought your brief snapshot of the two was just relaying that 🙂
        I love leather, though if given the choice I’ll usually go for vegan leather over the real stuff. But I admit I’ll go for either depending on the scenario.

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  2. Leather is sooooo fly I love it. I bought myself a really nice high waisted pair of leather pants from Express one year and they were my favorite. Esp in the Fall-Winter when it’s colder out, they were super warm. I need a new pair stat!!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. So many cute trends! I always love a nice two piece set or slogan tee. I’ve never really been one to go for faux fur but I think it can look so cute on other people. Definitely want to give it a try this fall! Thanks for sharing xx

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  4. Thanks for this post! Could you give a favor? My friend has applied for a position (fashion shop assistant) in a DG store and now she is going to prepare for the interview. Can you give me a helping hand? What kind of questions can they ask?

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    1. Umm, I’m not really sure since I’ve never worked in a fashion department, but in general interviews are more so focused on her personality: her passions, her ideal career, her recognitions, her education etc. if she’s really excited for the job, it will show. They might also ask her a couple of questions about her previous work experience: has she ever worked in a fashion department? What did she learn from her last job? Has she done any volunteering work related to her fashion field? Thanks for stopping by! Best of luck to your friend 🙂

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  5. This post is so good i honestly loved reading it!! Then i saw how many followers you have and i was just like wow. My dream is literally to become as big as you one day, i know I’ve only just stared but honestly you’re an inspiration to me, thankyou x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OHHHMYGOOSH GIRL WOW, your comment literally changed my life, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in soooooo long. Honestly my blog just recently started to gain a lot of followers, but I still consider myself relatively new, since it hasn’t even been a whole year since I’ve started. Thank you soo much for your love and support! As for your dream: Stick to who you are & I promise you, your followers will appreciate your honesty, and your numbers will start to grow as a result! ❤

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  6. You know, it’s crazy. I love leather skirts, but leather pants – not so much. I agree with you about fur. Fur rocks, and I too, would not choose to buy real fur, for the sake of the animals. Weirdly though, I have somehow become the recipient of several real fur items (thanks Mom, Mom-in-Law, and darling Margot!).

    I appreciate this post because I’ve been looking around for a good representation of Fall fashion trends and this perfectly fit the bill. I was familiar with a few of these trends, but not all. I love the matched sets and the deconstructed stuff, which I think is funny because they’re really opposites – neat and tidy vs kind of wild.

    I have a blog about anything and everything, but just wrote my first fashion post today. I really enjoy reading dedicated fashion blogs written by experienced bloggers! Have a great day!

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    1. Honestly, a lot of people are into either leather pants or skirts but not both, that’s SOO weird to me, because I love them both equally but it’s really a thing! I’m glad you liked this post!! I’ll be sure to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by x


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