EASY WAYS To Stay Productive This Summer! | #GIRLBOSS ADVICE

Hey babes, welcome back ❤ Today’s post is all about staying productive during the summer months! I strive to be part of the #GIRLBOSS community, hustling and staying on my shit always, so my summer has been super productive. Here are some of the ways which have helped me stay on top of everything! 

Wake Up Early // In my opinion, waking up relatively early every single morning is the most crucial thing when it comes to productivity. When you set your alarm for 8 or 9 AM, your days are automatically longer, and your opportunities to get things done are extended by a huge amount. The last three weeks, I’ve been on vacation in LA, and have been setting my alarm for 9AM, so that I can wake up and make the most of my days

Create a Routine // I think it essential that you create a routine, even in the summer. As an overly organized person, I have routines for everything (morning routine, night routine, workout routine etc), so I make sure to maintain those routines during the summer months.

Make To-Do Lists // Although it’s summer and you probably don’t have many deadlines, I think making To-Do lists make a huge difference when it comes to level of productivity. Taking the time to plan your days and write down the things you need to get done, will force you to keep yourself on track, as you will know exactly what you should be doing at every point of your day. Additionally, when you find yourself having a bit of extra time with nothing to do, you know you have a list of things waiting to be done.

Educate Yourself // Every time you find yourself having a bit of extra time, use that time to learn something new. Read a book, watch a documentary, talk to someone who can teach you something cool. Any chance I get to learn something, I do it. So far this summer, I’ve been reading some new books, watching a bunch of TED talks, listening to podcasts, and binge-watching Crash Course and Real Life Lore on YouTube, learning about all kinds of stuff. Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean you should work on your personal development. Educate yourself girl.

Work On Your Health // I find it a lot easier to stay healthy in the summer, since the weather is nice, and the days are longer, so another huge tip in terms of staying productive in the summer is to pay close attention to your body. Exercise, tone your body, stay hydrated, eat seasonal fruit and just improve your overall health

Get a Job // Finding a part time job for the summer months is perhaps one of the most productive things you can do. Not only does it force you to wake up at a certain time and be responsible at your job, but it’s also a chance for you to save up some extra cash.

Start a New Project // I looooove the summer because of all the extra free time I get. Like I’ve said a billion times in this post, use the time given to you. Summer is the perfect chance to start a new project you’e wanted to do for a while. For me, that’s putting lots of time and effort in my blog posts and my YouTube videos. Additionally, I’m using this extra time to develop ideas for the book that I’m planning to put together in the near future! Don’t waste all your free time watching Netflix girly, it’ll pay ya back, I promise!

What are your favourite ways to stay productive during the summer? & what is something you still need to work on?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <33 I love & appreciate all 406 of you for all your support, you always make my day! Don’t forget to like this if you found it helpful xx

Until next time,

Georgia X


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14 thoughts on “EASY WAYS To Stay Productive This Summer! | #GIRLBOSS ADVICE

  1. YASS! We so need to keep educating ourselves. I also watch TEDTalks, they always open my mind and sometimes help with ideas on what to blog about. These are great tips and enjoy the rest of summer 🌻. It’s winter on this side of the world (South Africa) but I’m still able to get things done because I create daily To-Do lists and try my best to stick to them. Thanks again Georgia ✨💕

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    1. Hi girl, how are you doing? I agree 100%! TED talks are the best man, it’s always amazing to be open to new ideas! To do lists are great! You go girl, getting all your things done! I bet you’re killing the game! Thanks for stopping by (: xx

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