Hey babes, welcome back! 💛 Today’s post was not planned what so ever, unlike most other ones, but lately I’ve felt sort of under the weather in many ways, so I figured it was time for some changes in my life. Using this mini rut I was just in as an excuse, I will be going super healthy again! Stick around this post to see my detailed plan! 

So like I said, I’ve felt under the weather and someone on YouTube did this challenge where they go Coffee free for a while and I was like yes, this is it. But instead of cutting down my coffee intake, I’ll also be doing many other things for my overall health.

I believe that in order to be happy, you need to be taking care of your self on three different levels: physically, mentally and spiritually. I find that when I’m feeling unmotivated, or lazy, it’s usually because something is going wrong in one of those three departments, but it messes with me as a whole.

Feel free to join me on this challenge of getting super healthy (again).


  • Drink 3 L of water per day. I’m the kind of person that could easily forget to drink a single cup of water for an entire day because I’m constantly chugging coffee so I don’t really get thirsty. 2 L a day is recommend it, but around 3L does crazy good things to your skin, plus it’s the summer, so I figured I might as well go full out
  • Minimal Fast food. I hate fast food, it makes my stomach hurt EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So for the next month, fast food will be cut down if not out of my life completely. I changed “ZERO” to “minimal” because I will be going to California in two weeks, and I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to pass on fast food, since I won’t be at my own house.
  • Eat home cooked meals 6 times a week. I’m all for the occasional dinner outing, but I hate not knowing what goes into my stomach. I also love to cook, so it’ll be a good excuse to learn some home cooked meals.
  • Workout 3 times a week. GUYS, I don’t know what happened! I used to work out 5 times a week for the entire winter, and now I just stopped for no reason! Gotta get back into that
  • Cut down coffee! Since I still want to have my coffee, I will only allow myself up to 3 cups a day, which might seem like a lot, but trust me, it’s not. And I will also reduce my sugar intake from 3 tsp to 2 tsp. Wish me luck with this one


Picture from Pinterest


  • De-Stress! I’ve been super stressed with getting posts up for you guys daily, because I want them to be super high quality, but also in huge quantities, which is just too much, considering I also need to film and edit videos for YouTube as well, so I will be cutting down from daily posting, to posting MON, WED, FRI, plus some random posts in between! I’ll still be posting almost daily, but I don’t wanna promise something that I can’t pull through with, especially because I’m going to be on vacation! So I hope you guys understand! Also on THU, I will be posting on my YouTube channel, so you’ll have tons of content coming from me in many different forms!
  • Journal daily! I keep forgetting to do this although I know it always helps me so much with staying sane haha
  • Get inspired! Like I said, I’ve felt a tiny bit unmotivated lately, so I’m going to be making a vision board and doing some planning for my future. Pinterest will also help a ton!


Picture from Pinterest


  • Find my purpose! Sometimes I get lost in time, and get very confused about what I’m supposed to be doing for this world. So I will be doing some soul searching, identifying some goals of mine and planning how I will achieve them
  • Gratitude log. When I’m feeling low, it helps to remember that there are things that are still going great. So I will be keeping a log of all the things I’m super grateful for to remind myself of the good things I have in my life
  • Meditate. Also super important, as it puts you in the right mindset when your mind has driven you to darker places


Picture from Pinterest

So this has been everything. Let me know what you’re doing to become healthier these days! Leave some positivity and tips in the comments! Love you lots <333

Until next time,

Georgia X


Getting healthy




  1. I love that you added spiritual and mental health because so many people seem to always focus on the physical. What I do is baby steps. I make a small change here and there. My other major health tip that I swear by is variety. Variety of exercises, foods (cultural, fruits, veggies, etc), destressors and so on. I live by the motto that variety is the spice of life! Good luck and I’m excited to see how it goes!

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    1. I like your technique a lot, baby steps here and there. That’s how I usually do it as well, but I figured I would take on a huge challenge now that it’s summer and I have more free time. && I love what you said about variety! I had never heard of that before but it seems like a really cool concept to consider! Will for sure keep it in mind! Thanks so much for stopping by, it means so muchh!!! (:

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  2. Hey girl!
    I like your spiritual goals – I loved the bit about finding out who you are again!
    That’s what my blogging is all about! Finding your passion and putting it into action 🙂
    I hope this helps you get the results you’re after!

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  3. This is exactly what I needed to read!!! What do you do for a vision board? Do you just use Pinterest or anything else? this vision board idea sounds like such a great tool that I want to utilize! The coffee thing is such a yes and no thing for me I didn’t think coffee the entire time I was pregnant and only recently started again since I’m breastfeeding but now it actually makes me all jittery and I get sick if I drink too much which is so sad because it used to help me stay awake hahaha! Such a funny thing I know!

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    1. I’ll do a whole post dedicated to vision boards very soon, so keep an eye out for that, but I mostly use Pinterest & we heart it, as magazine clippings are all different colours and fonts and sizes which I am not a fan of, so if you’re going for a neat look, then use online pictures! Ps. Congrats on your baby, that’s amazing! 💛

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