Hey babes, welcome back! Today I’m writing a post all about being a #GIRLBOSS because for me, the term GirlBoss refers to girls working hard on themselves and on their craft, and becoming the best version of themselves. This is something I have been doing for years and something I will continue to do for the years to follow, so finding a term that defines me so well has been amazing. 

The following tips are to help you become a girl boss, or to work on yourself, if you already are. I will also be doing a follow up with specific habits of successful people and a couple of other posts related to this, sort of like a mini series! Hope you enjoy!

STEP ONE: Find Your Idol(s)

The first step in becoming a girl boss is getting inspired. Find some girls of the Internet who in your opinion are girl bosses, just doing their thing, killing the game. Find bloggers and YouTubers who are always posting, always coming up with new ideas, and working extremely hard on their career. Find people who you look up to, and then you’ll start to pick up on their good habits and incorporating them into your own life. How do they dress? When do they wake up? How do they organize their lives? For this step, I also love to use my Pinterest and my We Heart It, to find inspiration in terms of my office space, and my organizational systems.


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Another way to become a GIRLBOSS is to read. Specifically, read about the life that you  strive to have. There are many self help books and books that have been written by successful people, in which they provide you with their own story and advice for accomplishing your dreams. I love to read those, as taking advice from someone who has already “made it” seems like the smartest thing to do. If not someone successful, who would you take success related advice from? Some of the books on my list for the summer season are: #GirlBoss, Leave Your Mark, I am that girl.


Picture: Pinterest

STEP THREE: Adjust your friend group

If you want to become a GIRLBOSS, you need to adjust your friend group. They say that you become like the 5 closest people to you, so if you’re surrounding yourself with lazy people who have no ambitions and no goals for their lives, you will end up in that category, as well. Surrounding yourself with hard work and motivated people will not only motivate you, but it will also challenge you to push your limits and become the best version of yourself.


Picture: Pinterest

STEP FOUR: Find the product that keeps you going

A lot of people, including myself, have this one thing that if it’s done properly, then they get inspired, but if it’s not done properly, then they get discouraged and lazy. I know this is a weird explanation, so let me give you an example. In order for me to feel like I have my shit together, my nails need to be done. So if, while I’m doing work, I look down at my nails and they are done, then I get this feeling like “damn, I have my life together”. If, however, my nails are not done, then I get in this really bad mood like “ohh, I can’t even have my nails done, how could I ever become successful, and achieve any of my goals?!” It’s important to find out what’s an instant motivator for you, and put away the time and/or money to get that done. So to me, spending $20.25 for shellac every 2 weeks, is worth it. For other people, an instant motivator could be wearing heels, or being dressed very well, or sipping on their favourite drink, or wearing their favourite necklace, or always having fresh flowers in their workspace.


Picture: Pinterest


Now in order to be a GIRLBOSS, you need to actually work. Whatever it is that you have your mind set on, work smart and work hard. I try to keep this in mind, as I’m very passionate about my YouTube channel, I always have to remind myself that even though it’s not the besy quality since I’m a beginner, I just need to keep working hard and making the best results that I can, and eventually recognition will come. If you want to graduate with a 4.0, then you better sit down and get some good study sessions in. If you wish to make blogging your full time career, then take time to brainstorm more original ideas, post more regularly, build connections with fellow bloggers by commenting on their posts and just always writing blog posts. Make some magic happen 🙂


Picture: Pinterest

So this is my advice on becoming a #GIRLBOSS. I’ll be doing a follow up of this on specific habits of a GIRLBOSS, very soon, so stay tuned! Love you all very much, & you’re all capable of doing wonders <33 Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time,

Georgia X


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42 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A #GIRLBOSS

  1. I love how you mentioned to read– I don’t know many people my age who like to stick their nose in a book…. I have recently had to remind myself how much I love reading. I think it is good to work our brains with reading and even free writing!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Means so much! && I make my pictures 1500px by 500px! I google random websites that format twitter headers and just use those to get it to be the size I want! Hope this helps! Xx


  2. This post is definitely motivating. I’ve been a #girlboss for about a year now with owning my shop on Etsy, but I have NOT been owning my #girlboss attitude. I finally am stepping up my game though… so thank you for this motivation!

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