HOW TO: Survive A Bad Day | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, how are you all doing? Today’s post is one that I’ve wanted to put up here for a while, because I want it to be accessible to anyone who might need it, whenever they might need it. Yesterday I was having a very weird day, where I felt a little bit “off” and I was just mad and upset, so I allowed myself to have that bad day but today, I’m feeling a lot better, so I made a list of everything I did that I found helpful. Hope you enjoy!

Okay so first things first, a bad day does not equal a bad life. In fact a bad year doesn’t even mean a bad life. So remember that whatever it is that’s bringing you down right now, its temporary. Everything will get better!

STEP ONE: Accept it

The first thing I like to do when I realize I’m having a bad day, is to accept it for what it is, and go into it head on. In my opinion, its always better to face the challenge straight up, instead of being in denial, having false hope and convincing yourself that today is something that it is not.

STEP TWO: Get it out of your system

Yup, you heard right. Pity Party time! Whatever it is that’s making you upset, you need to let it all out. Rant to a friend, have your mental breakdown, take a nap, write it out in your journal. Do whatever you need to do to get it out of your system. It will help!

STEP THREE: Treat Yourself

Another huge thing that I like to do when I’m having a bad day is treat myself. Usually after letting everything out, I will need some serious comfort food, so I’ll either get myself some ice cream, or my favourite Starbucks drink, and take a moment to appreciate it.

STEP FOUR: Blow Off Some Steam

Yes, also very important!My favourite thing to do when I’m mad is work out. Using that negativity as a way to fuel my energy makes for some really successful workout sessions. Go for a run, attend a kickboxing class, do some pushups, whatever it is that floats your boat


I know everyone’s first instinct is to run to our little comfort bubble, crawl up in our bed and binge watch Vampire Diaries season 7, but you gotta push yourself to go out. So take your shower, get all dressed up, and go grab some dinner with a friend. It will help!

STEP SIX: Gratitude

When having a bad day, I like to remember of the things that are going right in my life. So take out a piece of paper, or a napkin (whatever you prefer) and write down 5 things you are grateful for (ie. your family, your dog, your Netflix subscription). It’s important to remember the good things that we have going on, during our dark days.

Those are the things I like to do when I’m having a bad day. What are your tips?? Thanks so much for reading, I love you very much!

Until next time,

Georgia X



How to survive a bad day


53 thoughts on “HOW TO: Survive A Bad Day | LIFESTYLE

  1. Hello Georgia! I’m Irene, Aspasia’s best friend from Greece. Your list really help me. I found your ideas very interesting and I’m sure that the next time that I have a bad day I will do your list. Kisses to Aspasia. I missed her very much!!❤❤

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  2. Yesss!! Great tips! I totally agree about blowing off some steam! Everyone does it differently too. Excercise, gaming, just some time alone… I think it is just so important as it gives you time to reflect on why it was a bad day, get it out of your system and figure out how you can move on xx

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  3. Heck yes bad days do happen and these are great proactive steps of things to do/take into consideration when they do occur. My personal favorite things similar to what you suggested; vent, write about it and treating myself….did someone say retail therapy?!!? Ice cream works wonders too 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  4. Hey! Your blog is so cute! I ❤️ the look and feel of it.
    This is a great post. I have a bad day every now and again and the worst thing we can do when we experience a bad day is let it ruin other people’s day. Ya know? Just like you stated in Step One. Simply accepting the fact it’s going to be a bad day can make a difference. When I was going through a bad week a few weeks ago, I listed all the things that make me happy. Just like you said. And it worked. It made me smile.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Step 6 is a good one to add to my list of coping strategies for a bad day.
    What I do when I have a bad day? I meditate. It really makes it easier for me to deal with a bad day if I isolate myself from the problem and just breathe.

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