8 MUST HAVE Drugstore Makeup Products | BEAUTY

Hey babes! Welcome back ❤ Today I had to glow up for an event in the AM, and as I was doing my makeup, I got inspired to do a post about my all time favourite DRUGSTORE makeup products. If you’re in need of some new products to love, give these a try! If you have any other recommendations, leave them below as well!

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB ~~ CAD $9.96

Now this is my most bought makeup product ever. I have been using this for a solid 4 years, back to back. This product makes you feel like there is absolutely nothing on your face. It has a good amount of coverage and it creates a natural looking glow.


L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Eyeliner ~~ CAD $9.26

This was the first ever eye liner I ever tried, and although I’ve tried plenty since, I have yet to come across any other that is nearly as good. I’ve purchased and repurchased this many times, in many variations. My two favourite ones are the ones in the black colour, as well as the brown colour as it looks just as dark, but it makes blue eyes pop! 10/10 would recommend!


Rimmel Stay Matte foundation ~~ CAD $8.98

This foundation was a recommendation from one of my close friends. I’ve heard great things about it as well, but I haven’t personally tried it, as I’m not a big foundation person. She swears by it however, and she loves makeup so I trust her opinion!


NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Lipstick ~~ CAD $9.89

Another great find! Everyone I have talked to who has tried this has great things to say, and so do I. They come in tons of colours, and they’re very affordable as well. I recommend!


Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection – Comfort Zone ~~ CAD $4.50

Another friend recommendation. This palette has some beautiful neutral colours that I would use on an everyday makeup look. If you’re looking for a cheap eye shadow palette, give it a try! Let me know what you think


e.l.f. Contour Palette ~~ CAD $6.00

This is a great beginner’s contour palette. It has four nice colours that gives you options for different looks and its of course super affordable!


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil ~~ CAD $3.47

I use this on a daily basis to make my brows extra fleeky! It’s really good for quick and easy boost in the eyebrow section and would totally recommend. It’s also super affordable, so its perfect if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your makeup, like me! Try it out!



So that’s everything I have for today! If you enjoyed, or found this helpful leave me a LIKE so that I know and leave me a comment telling me what your product I should try out next! What’s your favourite drugstore makeup product? Lots of love <33

Until next time,

Georgia X


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17 thoughts on “8 MUST HAVE Drugstore Makeup Products | BEAUTY

  1. I both love and hate drugstore products. They’re super cheap but especially with foundation for me I always have trouble matching my shade since the fluorescent lighting is never the best lighting! That and they tend to cake for me. But I do love that BB cream a lot!

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  2. Yes lip lingerie gives me lips lifeeee! Although, I’m in dire need of a new color because my winter skin tone is completely different than my summer skin tone so the other day when I attempted to wear it my lips like disappeared off my face lmao What shade(s) do you use?

    xo, JJ

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    1. When it comes to lips, I always stick with the same red-ish tones! My lips are naturally very bright red, so the nudes never stay on, as my natural lip colour always can be seen right through them! So yes, red and pinks forever & always! xx

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  3. I’m literally aaalllways buying from drug stores so this is such a perfect post for me! I – no joke – have been meaning to buy Maybelline’s BB Cream for literally YEARS now and I’m going on holiday so soon I feel like I HAVE to get it so I don’t have to wear foundation and just use this instead!! I hate the feeling of thick foundation in the heat ughh haha💕 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss, I feel you girl!! Nothing worse than feeling like you have a whole other layer of skin on your face. I avoid foundation at all costs haha, and this is a nice alternative. It doesn’t have very good coverage, but I don’t get too much acne anyways, so I just put concealer over it on my problem areas!

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