What’s in my backpack?

Hey babes, welcome back! Today’s post is a “What’s in my backpack” post because I really enjoy reading those, but for some (odd) reason, no one ever does them anymore!! This is what is in my school bag, or my bad when I go to a cafe to have a productive day! Enjoy xx

So this is my bag! I got it from TJ Maxx when I was in LA last Christmas, and I absolutely love it! It’s kind of small but I never carry a lot of things in mine, anyways, so this is perfect!

It has two pockets for water bottles which I love!

The inside looks something like this!!

Inside my school bag, I have things like my laptop, my planner, my journal, or my brainstorming notebook! Pretty much anything I need to keep me organized!

In the smaller pocket, I hold smaller items that I need easy access to, such as my wallet, my card holder, keys, my Invisalign holder, some chapstick and half lotion and also my toothbrush & some toothpaste (because #Invisalignstruggles). OH I also got this random fidget spinner that I bought recently to keep me entertained when I’m bored 🙂

So this is everything that’s in my backpack! Hope you enjoyed/got to know me a little better! Leave me your thoughts below! LOVE YOU ALL BEAUTIFUL PPL <33

~~What’s one thing in your backpack you can’t live without?

Until next time,

Georgia X

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.12.04 PM




8 thoughts on “What’s in my backpack?

    1. I swear I already replied, but my comment got lost in a mysterious alternate universe or something, so hey! Thank you!! Yes, the fact that it has water bottle space sort of tricks me into staying hydrated as I see it sitting there every time I reach for my bag! Thanks for stopping by xx

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  1. You have the most organised bag I have ever seen in my life, it’s so satisfying haha!! Omg I’m so jealous you have a fidget spinner, people I know have said it’s lame but I disagree hahaha and I want one! Especially a pink one!! I used to have invisalign too and brushing your teeth every time you want to eat was like the bane of my LIFE, so not ideal for people like me who snack all day long hahaha xx


    1. THANK YOU! If I didnt keep it organized, it would drive me crazy, and I’d probably drop out! The fidget spinner is honestly cooler when you don’t have it, as soon as you buy it it becomes kind of lame haha! && UGH GIRL, that invisalign thing is soooo annoying, because I eat soooo much, and I drink a lot of coffee, so its hard to keep it in my mouth for the recommended 22 hours a day! It’s intense!

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  2. I love whats in my bag posts! First of all super cute backpack, I’ve been really into the whole backpack thing opposed to a purse lately as is, its just kind of way easier just being able to sling it on your back and be on your merry way! I also feel like theyre so much easier to keep clean and organized like you have!! My purse is an utter disaster right now lol but once I clean it out I’m gonna have to do one of these….Or maybe I should hit up TJ Maxx first 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Right?! They’re so much fun to read!! && I feel you, purses usually don’t have so many departments so it’s easy to just throw everything in, but I still love them. I only prefer my bag over a purse when I have to carry a lot of things. && yesss, do one of these posts, I’d love to read it! && haha it’s always good to hit up TJ Maxx, I always find things I like there, whether or not I need them haha!! Xx

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