LIFE UPDATE | May Reflection

Hey babes, welcome back! I just caught myself writing a Reflection on May in my journal, and I figured, I might as well grab the three pages of text and put it into point form and make it a blog post, as I find these kinds of posts super motivating and inspiring! Enjoy xx

Okay can we just take a second to acknowledge that A) May went by incredibly fast, and B) We are literally HALF WAY DONE WITH 2017…  H O W ??

Although I’m loving 2017, and want it to last longer, since it’s going by so fast it means I’m doing a lot of things with my time, and not just staying home binge watching Netflix, which I guess is a good sign!



  • Relaxed, finally! After April being filled with exams, assignments and deadlines, I finally finished my first year of uni, and got to kick back and take a big fat rewarding break from all that stress!
  • Got closer with my family! I don’t live with my family during the school year, as my uni is in a different city than our family house, so in May I moved back into my house and have been on really good terms with everyone in my family. I guess I missed them a lot during the school year, that I see no reason to argue about anything, which is great!
  • Got closer with my boyfriend! Lately we have been on amazing terms, and we’re both really excited to see each other, planning our 2 month vacation together and making lists of all the places we want to visit / things we want to do together!
  • Got my hair done! You might have seen my ” MY NEW HAIR! ” post towards the end of May, and ahh, I am sooooo excited!


  • I have been super involved in my blog lately! The first half of May I brainstormed a ton of ideas of posts and things I want to do with my blog and it got me really excited!
  • Towards the later part of May, I also committed to blogging daily (except weekends, because I have work and I’m often on the road) and so far I haven’t missed a day!
  • Also, I made myself a mini signature, for my blog, which you will see at the end of my blog posts!


  • This is perhaps the biggest decision of May 2017! Starting my YouTube is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, and I finally did it and I am soooo pumped!
  • I have also posted my two first videos and I got some likes and comments and ahhh I’m so excited!!!


  • I want to start paying close attention to my health again. This week I can’t eat anything because of my wisdom teeth, and I’ve noticed it has made a difference on my overall well being, so I will go back to my healthy diet
  • I want to be working out a lot more too, now that I have free time
  • I want to start filming a ton, so if you’re interested in that, please SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, as you would make my day!

Anyways, this has been everything!

What was your biggest accomplishment for May and what do you want to work on during the month of June?? Loveyouuu!

Until next time,

Georgia X





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