LAZY/SICK DAY ESSENTIALS & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Hey babes, welcome back! Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed (yes, all four of them) so naturally today I’m unable to eat, speak, or even brush my teeth because if I do, I risk my stitches being pulled out, and I would HATE to go through that process all over again, so here I am, in my bed being lazy all day, since I can’t do anything else, but I don’t want to mess up my daily blogging goal, as I’ve posted something every single (working) day for the last two weeks and one day, sooooooo here I am! Today’s post is all about my Lazy Day Essentials! 

Okay, so unfortunately my dentist didn’t see fit for me to be high on whatever drugs they usually give everyone, but instead, I got about 7 local freezings. Now why that sucks is because I got to feel the pressure of the entire procedure, but no pain.

This is my second day in bed, unable to do very simple tasks, and my thoughts are ranging between “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry” so today I’m just going to focus on getting better, but since I try every day to be #GIRLBOSS, after giving myself a pass for yesterday and today, tomorrow I’m back to hustling and making things happen. I have lots to do this week, such as edit and upload a YouTube video, write blog posts for every day this week, film a YouTube video for next Wednesday, and then I have actual work at my part-time job this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, soooo yay for me.

ANYWAYS, That’s tomorrow’s struggle, so today is the last lazy day I will allow myself to have, so here are my LAZY DAY ESSENTIALS!


COMFY SPACE // This can be either a big comfy couch, or your bed, or wherever, but it has to be a space reserved for chilling and relaxation. I’m a firm believer in assigning specific spaces to specific duties, so I will always get my real “work” done in my desk/office area done, such as doing homework, taking care of business, and handling obligations, while my bed is for doing things I enjoy, such as blogging, filming, reading, journalling, meditating etcimg_1645.jpg

LOTS OF PILLOWS // Nothing screams lazy like pillows and blankets do. So find your comfy space, and fill it up with pillows and blankets and teddy bears!

COFFEE // Every lazy or sick day calls for your favourite drink, in your favourite mug! For me that’s coffee with a tiny bit of extra sugar, but for some people it’s tea. Whatever makes you happy girl!

WATER & SNACKS // Water and snacks are essentials for a lazy day! Although you want to be lazy, staying hydrated is crucial! Bring some healthy snacks nearby too, just in case you get hungry!

JOURNAL // When I feel lazy or sick, I always pull out my journal, and jot down my feelings. After I’m done my mini rant, I will usually continue writing, but focusing on the positives, and using my free time motivating myself for the days to follow through brainstorming!

BOOKS/MAGAZINES // For the later hours in your lazy day, books and/or magazines are a must. Although we all want to binge

CANDLES // Nothing is more relaxing than your favourite candle burning in the background of your favourite lazy activities!

TV or NETFLIX // Let’s be honest, no lazy day would be complete without binge watching your favourite show, so of course Netflix is a must!

PAMPERING // After spending the entire day on Netflix, or with your nose in a book, it’s essential that you pamper yourself. Take a bath, do a face mask, deep condition your hair, and all else you want that’s going to make you feel better!

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS // Now, yes, of course we shouldn’t spend entire days on our computers, but if we’re being honest, some days are perfect for hours spent scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr, and there is nothing we can do about it!

This has been everything I have for you today! If you do any of these things on your lazy days, give this post a like, cause it always makes my day! && If you have any other LAZY DAY ESSENTIALS, let me know down below! Also, if you have any tips for Wisdom Teeth Extractions please let me know, help a girl out, you know? Anyways, love you lots!

Until next time,

Georgia X
Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.12.04 PM.png


Lazy Day essentials.png


18 thoughts on “LAZY/SICK DAY ESSENTIALS & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

  1. Great post☺️
    I haven’t had my wisdom teeth removed or anything so I can’t help there😮
    On my lazy days I like to read, watch YouTube videos, eat snacks, write, or watch Netflix too. So very similar to yours✨

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      1. Oh you poor girl! I’d hate that and I do need Togo to the dentist. I may need to have at least 1 removed. I don’t want to be stuck eating soup, I don’t even like rice lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh wisdom teeth extractions are a total pain but at least you’re getting it over with (and hopefully by now they’re healed? I’m totally late in the game and just catching up on everything LOL) I’m so weird with lazy days, every day when I’m rushed to get to work I just wish and wish for just a day off or a lazy day to just chill but when I do get them (if I’m sick or something) I simultaneously get super anxious that I need to go out and about and do something lol Butttt when I am having a legit lazy day….yes netflix on all day for background noise, a ton of reflection, journaling, and blogging which I love and my favorite part is just doing it all from the comfort of my bed! So I’m with ya on all these lazy day essentials!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. My teeth are healed now, I’m all good! Longest week of my life, I was starving so much. I literally eat every 2 hours, always snacking on something, so having to eat soup for a week straight really sucked && Sounds like your lazy days are quite productive! Because you actually blog, and reflect on your life, and do lot’s of “me time” stuff, which is great for the soul! I wish my lazy days were as not-so-lazy as yours! I like to just sit and watch a season and a half of Vampire Diaries when I’m having one of those. Thanks for stopping by xx


  3. Today was my wisdom teeth extraction! You sound incredibly bored and to be honest, I am too but it was nice to read this and share the wisdom struggle. I’m going to get myself a comfy space and journal 🙂 enjoyed this post a lot!


    1. Yessss wisdom teeth extractions are sooo uncomfortable. The worst part for me was not being able to eat real food for 5 days, as I’m the type of chick to snack on little things every other hour. Hope you get better soon though! Sending all my positive vibes your way!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  4. I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth extracted, but the dentist is pushing me so hard to do so that when I told him I can’t afford the surgery even with insurance, that I should just get them taken out without anesthesia… yeah… no… I wrote a post just to highlight my frustration about the whole thing. Also, how is Lucid Dream? It’s on my recommendations, but I don’t usually watch sci-fi stuff.
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll remember this post if I ever do get them out! lol

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