Summer 2017 Trends | FASHION

Hey babes, welcome back! I’m writing this three weeks before it’s supposed to be uploaded, are you proud? Today I’m doing a Fashion related post because 1. its been a long time since I have,  2. because by the time you see this it’s officially June, and summer is BASICALLY here. and 3. because I spent the entire day yesterday on Pinterest pinning cute summer outfits and online shopping, sooooo here we go! Enjoy x

So in today’s post I’ll be talking about the major Summer trends of the year.

RIPPED DENIM SHORTS // You can’t be too surprised, these are a trend literally every year, so this year is not any different

GRAPHIC TEES // They were very in this Spring, and will continue to be huge in the fashion world this summer


THE YELLOW DRESS // I love that this is a trend, because the colour yellow is Beyonce vibes and I’m all for that!


FLORALS // Floral patterns on your shirts, dresses, bikinis, everywhere


THE NAKED DRESS // Of course I don’t mean fully naked, OBV. I’m referring to the sheer, see-through shirts and dresses that are everywhere. Feel free to layer up, though leaving some things for the imagination


STRIPES // Yess, stripes are in and they’re on everything! Shirts, pants, dresses, bikinis, everything!


That’s all I have for you guys today! All these trends are huge this summer and very versatile. Of course there are other trends that I didn’t include, such as cinched waist and the colour hot pink, but I wanted to share trends that I personally love and that are almost “summer closet basics”

I hope you found this helpful or that at least you enjoyed!

~~ What’s your favourite summer trend??

Until next time,

Georgia X


fashion trends summer.png


57 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Trends | FASHION

  1. I’ve been SO obsessive over floral patterns, which is cray because I used to despise it for some weird reason. It’s so weird because everything I add into my cart (online shopper here) my attention gets drawn to all the pretty floral dresses! But I am proud of myself because if I’m buying floral it means I’m staying away from everything black which is really hard but a goal of mine! Also I love the ripped denim with a cute baggy graphic T or any shorts with a T, its such an easy comfy look!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I feel like a lot of people have mixed feelings about florals. I’ve always loved them, as it’s sort of like “tropical vibes” and reminds me of all the tropical destinations I will visit in my life. Gets me really excited for my future. (IS THAT WEIRD??? I GET INSPIRED BY A PIECE OF CLOTHING)… Thanks for stopping by girly xx


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