Falling in Love | Coffee Talk

Hey babes, welcome back! Today has been a good day in terms of self reflection and deep thinking and all that, so I figured a more chatty post was needed. 

Now, I know, you read the title and probably thought ugh, she’s going to talk about emotional things and this and that but when you go to a trip to Europe expecting nothing but fun with your younger sister, and you randomly meet a boy that looks at you the way you look at ice cream, your views tend to change a bit.

Here’s a little bit of a backstory:

OBV I had zero interest in meeting any boys, let alone dating any of them, so its not like I went out of my way looking for people to fall for, but obviously things went down, and here we are a little less than two years later.

Remember when you were around 12 years old, in middle school, just figuring out that you’re attracted to boys and you made a list of “criteria” that they had to meet in order to be the “perfect boyfriend”? (someone please say yes, or this will get uncomfortable very quickly). Well after years of meeting people and interactions proving to you that boys who meet every point on your list do not exist, I bumped into this guy.


Well, I didn’t bump into him. More like I called my cousin who knew him, and asked him to come to the coffee shop where I was to introduce us, because I wanted it to be smooth. And here my cousin was, 15 minutes later, walking over to this boy’s table where he was sitting with his friends playing card games. My sister and I then approached, supposedly to say hi to our cousin and we got introduced. Thankfully all other spots were filled so I was “stuck” sitting at the chair next to him. And as cheesy as this sounds, from the moment he said hi, my whole world changed.

IMG_9474  IMG_9552

Boy was he handsome. He had a smile that made you smile just by looking at it. He had big brown eyes, and although I always preferred coloured eyes in men, there was something special about his. You could see the passion in his eyes, the ambition, the excitement. It was captivating. He was also freshly shaved, which I always found charming. His hair was a nice shade of brown, short enough to look hot, but long enough to run your fingers through it. And his eyebrows, perfectly shaped, gave his face a lot of structure when combined with his sharp jaw line. And the best part, he was wearing all red. I obviously didn’t notice his pants cause he was sitting down, but the red shirt looked good on him. That’s a good colour for him. Now, I’m not really sure what happened there, with the red on red outfit, but it was just really funny now looking back to it. He always says “well I didn’t know I was going to meet the LOML (love of my life)  so I didn’t bother dressing up” <33


Picture: late August 2015 – my last days before leaving for Canada

Not only was he handsome as hell, but he had a personality of a magnet. Everything he said made me more and more attracted to him. He knew how to make you feel special, and he knew exactly the right thing to say.

He also had a magic way of keeping the conversation going. I usually hate small talk, I find it super shallow, but he somehow skipped small talk, and went straight to more deep talks about Las Vegas, because he had recently gone, and I was interested in going soon (FF to July 8th, when we’ll be in Vegas together). We instantly clicked. After a little while, my sister and I had to go, and so did he and his group of friends.

And then, he went missing. For 4 days. I didn’t see him, I didn’t hear about him, he was just gone. And you might be thinking “well, its only 4 days, chill” but no, we were in a tiny village with a population of 200 at max where there is about 3 places you could possibly hang out at in public. He was nowhere to be found.

FF 4 days later, August 15, it was the night before I was leaving that village to return to Athens, where I would catch a flight to an island. I was part of a traditional dance group, and we had to present some dances that day, so I was dressed in traditional greek dance uniform. And mid-dancing, there he was. Dressed up nicely, looking very handsome. As soon as the dances finished, I ran home (literally ran home) and changed into a little burgundy sundress and some converse. Once I got back (no more than 4 minutes later) HE WAS GONE AGAIN. So I figured, whatever, everything happens for a reason, we are clearly not meant to be, so I’m just going to enjoy this festival with my sister and my friends, and tomorrow I’m leaving anyways.

And of course, he shows up again, last minute, and ruin my perfectly good plans of hanging out with friends worry-free my last night there. He saw me, and came up to me giving me a big long hug. I never quite knew how perfectly our bodies fit together as we had never hugged before. He sat with me and my friends, and we talked for about an hour. Everyone started slowly fading out, until it was just my sister, him and myself left. My sister very smoothly noted that we haven’t exchanged numbers yet, and so we did, and once her work was done, she left us alone saying “I’m going to go dance. Meet you here in a bit”. So we talked and talked and talked, until it got too loud, at which time he asked me to go for a walk. We walked over the church, and sat outside of it, where we had peace and quiet, but also privacy. That’s when we had our deep talks, until 4AM when my family thought I was missing and almost called the cops. So obviously I ran home, but he said “Call me tomorrow”, to which I responded with “YOU call me”.

FF to next morning, no call, no text, no anything. The disappointment was beyond unexplainable, OBVIOUSLY, but I figured whatever, we had a couple of nice talks, but he’s clearly not interested, so it’s okay. Again, maybe its not meant to be. So I went on with my day, until I was walking around with my cousin, and we bumped into him and his friend. Let me tell you, that was one awkward interaction. We all sat down at the same coffeeshop we first met (same table as well), and my cousin and his friend started talking. We were across from each other, but we didn’t really participate in the conversation. I guess he realized, and he goes “do you want to go for a walk”? and so we did. Once again, we talked for hours, until I literally had to leave. We said our goodbyes, and I left.

For the next 12 days, I was on the other side of Greece, but we did not stop talking on the phone. Every night, for hours and hours and hours. His phone bill came to $700. I obviously didn’t know or I wouldn’t had talked to him so much.

On August 29, 2015, when the 12 days were over, and I returned to Athens, he also made sure to leave his destination on that same day so he could take me out on a date. We went on a date at a coffeeshop in my old neighbourhood in Athens, and then we walked around and I showed him my old schools.

Next to my old middle school there was a playground, so we went there. And we sat down. After hours and hours of conversation, I moved myself next to him, and laid on his lap, and we kept the conversation going. Like a gentleman, he asked if he could kiss me, and when I said yes, he just bent down while I was still laying on his lap and kissed me upside down. Immediately after, I grabbed his phone which was playing music at the time, and took a screenshot of his locked screen which showed the song “Lost Ones” – J.Cole as well as the time 6:03PM. Confused, he asked me what the heck I’m doing, and I told him this was so that he could never forget this moment 🙂 He just smiled, and went back to our casual conversation and then walked me home.


Picture: August, 2015 when we started dating

A few days later, I was scheduled to fly back to Canada, however my flight airline closed down. As in, the entire airline, the whole company of that airline closed down. So suddenly my flight was no longer happening. My mom said that tickets were $3,000 if we were to leave the next couple of days, so we had to wait to book the tickets until the following week. As much as that sucked, it gave me another week with this guy, and that’s a time we did not waste. We spent time together every day, and started dating. Not sure where this would take us, we became official and fell for each other even more.


Picture: September 2015 – my last day with him before returning to Canada

The next year and 9 months, there have been lots of phone calls, lots of letters and some trips, back and forth. Starting with seeing each other every 5 months, to now seeing each other every 3. In about a month, I am leaving again, to visit him in California, and then we are travelling together to Italy and Greece, adding up to 2 months of being with one another.


Picture: December 2015 – Niagara Falls in Canada (first time he came to visit)

IMG_9665 IMG_9484


Picture: June 2016 – Canada: My Prom

IMG_9231 IMG_9108


Picture: July 2016 – Canada Adventures


Picture: December 2016 California: Disneyland bound

Today is my month-aversary with this boy, so I figured this post was fitting. I hope you guys enjoyed, and babe, I hope you enjoyed as well because this is for you. I love you tons, you’ll always be my LOVERBOY.

Let me know where you met your baes, or where you hope to meet your baes 🙂

Until next time,

Georgia X





13 thoughts on “Falling in Love | Coffee Talk

  1. Awee this was so cute to read honestly❤❤ My heart! Gives me some hope that I won’t be alone for the rest of my life!😂 I am only 14 though, but 14-16 is kinda the age where you start to think about these things😔 I’m just…ugly af there’s no way I’m gonna be in any type of relationship! So I’m so envious of yours, and I’m so glad you shared this😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was really sweet to read. I was in a long distance relationship and now it’s less so. It can be hard not seeing each other all the time, but I also think it can make you stronger and the times you do have are meaningful.
    I’m sure you will have an amazing time together in Europe. x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh my gosh this post just gave me chills!!!!! First of all before anything YESSSS I was that 12year old making a check list of what I wanted in a guy lmao Okay now that that’s established AWWWWW, I love this love story so so much! Stories like this just make me believe that much more that whatevers meant to be will be!!!! Like holy cow an airport just closing down?!?! THat doesn’t happen everyday or like ever?!?! It’s clear that the airport just KNEW that you needed to spend a few more days with him before you parted ways 😉 I think its so amazing how well you guys are doing with the long distance, it’s so challenging but true love can endure anything!!! I’m super excited for you guys to go on all your trips together, it will be an amazing bonding time for the two of you!!!! I’m so happy everything ended up working out for you ❤

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWE thank you love! It’s something I’m very passionate about, so it had to be shared on my blog! && yes, the Airline literally declared bankruptcy and closed down without refunding anyone! But it’s okay, those extra 3K that I spent on one way tickets coming back were totally worth it! I’m super excited for what this summer will bring! One exactly 3 weeks from right now, I’ll be o my plane, about half way through to California! Thanks so much for stopping by! xx


  4. This was amazing! I absolutely adored this story, it made me happy to read how well you guys are doing. Honestly, you are so lucky to have a story like this. I thought these stories could only be read in fairy tales! So magical. Thank you for sharing this! Now we can also have a story to look up to. BTW I am in love with your blog! Such an amazing job!

    Liked by 1 person

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