Hey babes, welcome back! What an exciting freaking week. Yesterday I posted my first YouTube video, today I got my hair done and ahhhh just so many exciting changes happening, I’m super pumped!

I was just about to apologize for being super hyper (again) after drinking 3 coffees (again) but then I realized that every time I sit down to write a blog, I’m always in  a weirdly amazing mood and I get super excited. So I’m gonna stop apologizing at the beginning of every post and just accept the hyperness as part of my personality haha

It’s 2:25PM as I write this, but I have been up and running since 8.30AM. I actually stayed up really late last night, for literally no reason (NETFLIX). After actually no sleep, I woke up because I had an appointment to get my hair done. I can sense a tremendous (thats a big word) amount of change happening in the upcoming months, and I wanted to change the way I look to sort of mark this new “phase” in my life! Is that weird?

So anyways, I got dropped off at the hair studio, half an hour before my appointment because that was the latest ride I could catch, and got there for 9.30. The hair stylist was super nice, and talkative and all that and he had me seated right away.

He explained the whole procedure and I explained what I wanted and we got started. He bleached lightened my hair, which took an hour and forty minutes.

I was kinda shocked by the result, as I didn’t think it would be this light, but literally less than 2 hours later, I was in love with it! I’m not a big fan of bold things like that, but I got used to it haha

I’m going to attach some pictures! Let me know what you think!



DURING (aha):



IMG_1480 IMG_1482.jpg

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think!!! <33

Until next time,

Georgia X




36 thoughts on “MY NEW HAIR!

  1. I am so in love with it. Your hair dresser clearly knows what he’s doing and the color is perfect too. Your hair pulled the blonde so nicely too for going from dark to light. Mine was hell lol New do-new you….perfect for the next phase in life 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Ouuuu thank you so much again! I was scared at first because its blonder than I thought but its sooooo nice now! Is your hair still banayaged/was it?
      & I couldn’t agree more. This is perfect for the super fun summer ahead of me! You really have to shake things up a bit every once in a while to keep the excitement going! x

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  2. I love this hype energy you got going on! Don’t apologise for it, you have a lot to be excited for! Your hair looks incredible. I like this blonder colour, and also, those curls they put in look insane!!! 😀

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    1. Thaaaaank you!!! ❤
      && FUNNY STORY: They gave me a blowout for my hair when it was done, and then I had to walk through 20 mins of insane rain, so I got drenched, came home, showered & curled it myself so hahah thank you so much for accidentally mixing up with a professional!! xx

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