WEEK IN MY LIFE| Most exciting week of 2017 & YouTube!

HEY HI HELLO, Welcome back! I am on my third coffee for the day and the day is still VERY young so let’s see where it takes us. I recently moved back into my parents’ house, and this was the first official week of my Summer break, and let me tell you, it has already been super eventful!

As I’m writing this, I just recently posted my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO and I’m beyond freaking excited!!! If you wanna be a real one & make my day, check out my video HERE and Subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE ! It would mean the world to me 🙂

On the topic if YouTube, since I’m a super duper newbie, like a day old, newbie, if anyone has any advice for me, help a girl out! Or if there are any other small YouTubers who are also bloggers, I’d love to get in touch and support you all, so feel free to leave links below!

Aaaaaanyways, onto the recap of my week:

MAY 15: 

On May 15, I went to the mall with my little sister, and spent literally hours searching through nice clothes, trying to be budget friendly. Regardless, by the time we were out of Urban Planet we were 73 dollars short, but we got a ton of stuff. The whole store was pretty much “Buy one, get on for $5” so OBV I abused that deal to its maximum capacity! A lot of my shopping spree was captured in the VLOG above, but I’ll be sure to do a detailed haul including links and all that for all you babes ASAP!

MAY 16: 

On the 26th, I wanted to hang out with my baby sis so we went out into this random city walking around. We ended up at a crepe place, and split a Nutella, strawberry, banana & whipped cream crepe which was essentially life changing. After gaining 137 pounds each, we walked around some more, in an attempt to burn off some cals, but it never quite works that way aha

MAY 17: 

On this day, I made plans to meet up with one of my close friends: ALEX. Alex and I have known each other for a few years, and we hang out every time we’re in the same town! She actually JUST started her own blog, where she’s going to be doing lot’s of beauty and lifestyle related posts, but also posts about music, books and advice. If you’re not doing anything important right now go over to  her blog and show her some love welcoming her into the blogging world 🙂

MAY 18: 

May 18 was a rest day, because I have done soooo much stressful and tiring things this week that I needed it (OBV sarcasm). I literally sat in bed, wrote in my journal, drank lots of coffee and watched season 7 of Vampire Diaries haha! productive, i know….

MAY 19: 

After slacking for an entire day, I got my sh*t together, and spent the day planning, running errands, writing blog posts, brainstorming future posts and editing my beginning to my video, so it was productive in its own way. I then drove to pick up my brother from work, which was nice because I got to have some deep talks with my mom & sister!

So this has been everything so far! Last week was a ton of fun, and acted as sort of like a preview of this entire summer, so I’m super pumped! Video version of this, with cool tunes and smooth transitions can be found HERE!

Lots of my adventures will be posted here of course, but cooler, more visually appealing versions will also be getting uploaded on YouTube about once a week or so, so if you’re interested in that, be sure to jump over on YouTube and check out my channel 🙂 Over there, I’ll be doing similar things as my blog AKA lots of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel related things 🙂

~~ I just finished watching Vampire Diaries, what show should I watch next?~~

Until next time,

Georgia X





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