Ariana Grande

May 23, 2017 ~ 1:29AM

Hey guys, first of all, if you’re not in a mood for my thoughts on a sad event that happened on May 22, please click away, this one isn’t for you. You might understand from my writing that this isn’t my usual happy writing, and for that I’m sorry, however I am feeling quite differently right now that how I usually feel when I write posts.

If you clicked on this title, you obviously already know what happened but ill give you a summary to make sure we’re all on the same page. Basically, at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert, a bomb went off in the lobby injuring a bunch of people and leaving 19 for dead in the UK. Its 1.29AM as I’m writing this, and I was getting into bed, until I saw a tweet about Ariana cancelling the rest of her tour and when I found out why, it broke my heart.

I thought that the  Christina Grimmie incident was already too much. That it was already too cruel. That the people that are part of our world could be like this. It blows my mind how we have managed, as a species, to create so much harm upon others, and I cannot begin to understand why. I cannot comprehend it, it doesn’t make sense to me why, or how one finds a purpose to do such horrible acts.

I am genuinely fucked up over this. Shook. Hurt. Broken. I have no words. But because of who I am, as a person, I feel obliged to spread a message, or find some positivity, or think of the good in the situation, but I can’t. Nothing good could had possibly come from this. Nothing good can ever come from violence or hate crimes. Ever.

I tried to channel all my mixed emotions into one, but it seems like an impossible task. I am hurt, obviously, but I am also upset. Angry. How is it almost half way into 2017 and we have yet to find ways to protect ourselves from such things? How is our event security so weak that people will guns and bombs and other types of weapons can so freely enter? I’m scared, and I’m sad, and I’m hurt, and disappointed and so many other things.

My thoughts and my prayers are with Ariana Grande, and all the fans who attended the concert. My condolences to the families of those who lost their kids too soon because of this tragic incident.

It kills me knowing that a lot of my readers are from the UK, and it scares me to ask you guys if everyone in your family is okay because the thought of receiving no for an answer hurts me, on a physical level. I am sorry for all those who are also scared, and traumatized, and I’m thankful to the universe, or God, or whatever greater power, or to just random luck for those of you who are okay. My thoughts go out to all of you.



11 thoughts on “Ariana Grande

  1. it’s disgusting what has happened, especially to an audience of defenceless children but well done for sharing your thoughts because writing it all out really does help! I know what’s happened is heartbreaking but I hope you’re okay and I’m always here ❤ xxx


  2. This post just said it all. When I first read about the news I had chills all over, what a horrendous and terrifying act. Whenever I read and hear about shootings or bombings, anything it’s truly an eye opener that you never ever know; anywhere and anytime without any notice. It saddens me that the targeted group was the younger generation, how heartless and heartbreaking. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and all the families affected by this ❤ ❤

    xo, JJ

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