HOW TO: Spring Clean Your Personal Life | LIFESTYLE

Hey babes, welcome back! Seeing as today is Monday, and the whole week is ahead of us, I wanted to put out a more motivational post, or rather a “get my life together” post. My long vacation has just recently started and I feel rather uneasy about beginning a new season without starting fresh, so this is a post of things I will be doing to clean my apartment, my body, my mind,  and my life in general. 

P E R S O N A L  L I F E 

Clean your mind // This is perhaps the most important of all the cleaning you can ever do. Spring season is sort of like a new fresh start, so you need to prep yourself mentally for it. Take the time to journal out all your thoughts, positive and negative, but take time to be grateful for everything in your life that is going right. Journal, cry, meditate, take some boxing lessons, do everything you need to do to handle every emotion that is going on in that mind of yours. Happiness, sadness, anger, revenge, get it all out. How else would you start fresh if you’re stuck in the past? Since this is a new season, set some spring goals for yourself, give yourself purpose. Something to look forward to, something to be excited about, something to work towards. Set some goals girl, it will pay off, I promise.


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Clean your body // New season, new me? Yeah! Time to clean out your body. Set a goal this season that applies to your body. Not because you’re not beautiful the way you are right now, because everyone is perfect in their own way, but just because that’s true, doesn’t  mean you should stop working on yourself. If you wish to eat healthier, make this your goal. If you wish to cut down on the 3 sugars you put in your coffee, do that. If you want to get fit, then get yourself a gym membership. Accept where you are right now, and set a goal for where you want to be before Summer comes around. You got this!

Clean your friend group // If you find yourself hanging out with toxic people, now is the time to lose them. Pay close attention to this: Any one who gives you more stress than they do happiness doesn’t belong in your life. You might think that you need them, and you can’t live without them, but yes, yes you can. Even if you have zero friends and no boyfriend as a result, that is fine. You were created by yourself, and you have been given everything you need to survive this life on your own. Toxic or negative people won’t help you in any way. You need people in your life who uplift you. You deserve that.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,

Georgia X


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8 thoughts on “HOW TO: Spring Clean Your Personal Life | LIFESTYLE

  1. I totally agree with cleaning out your friend group, that’s soooo crucial and I’m thankful to have learned that a while back. Toxic people really do bring you down without even noticing but what a difference it makes when they’re out of your life for good. I always believed that having a small select friend group who are true and genuine is all you need!!! I can literally count all my best friends on one hand and I’m 100% okay with that haha

    xo, JJ

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