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Hey babes, welcome back! Recently I’ve been in a super positive mindset, thinking very happy thoughts and feeling all around content with not only myself, but with my life as a whole. Like everyone else, I’ve also experienced the opposite side of the spectrum, so I decided to put together a post outlining all the things that I do that make me happy. The first section covers tips on how to fight a negative mindset/how to cleanse yourself of the negativity, and the second section talks about what to do to maintain that happiness. Enjoy!


The first step to everything is accepting the situation for what it is. If you’re having a bad day, fine, go for it. Sit down and let it sink into your head that “hey, today isn’t the best day”, and that’s fine. It happens to the best of us. In order to cleanse yourself, you need to let all the negativity out first. So vent it out to a friend, write it down in your journal, have a cry if you must. Do whatever you need to do to get the toxicity out of your system. However, don’t let that last too long. Set a limit for yourself, and stick to it. And then pity party over. You need to move on, girl.

T R E A T   Y O U R S E L F

Step two, is treat yourself. It’s a bad day, so get yourself something that will make you feel better. That can be a mini shopping spree, your favourite Starbucks drink, or cooking your favourite meal. Get yourself that one thing that always makes you feel better no matter what.

G E T   I N S P I R E D

Great, step three is to get yourself inspired. Put on some comfy PJ’s, pull out a notebook, and write down all the things you wish were happening right now, instead of what is bothering you. Maybe you wish you were on the other side of a world tanning on a sandy beach. Or maybe you wish your blog had 1,000,000,000,000 followers. Or maybe you wish  you had a cute little puppy. Write is all down. Big or small, whatever it is that you want your life to be. Now pull out a few more pieces of paper, and write each goal on the top of a blank page in big nice letters. And underneath, fill the page with the little steps you must take to get there. For example, if you want a puppy, fill that page with puppy related information. If you want to travel, jot down your favourite travel destinations and look up good travelling seasons & ticket prices. Fill that page up, baby. Great, now you have your plan. Now all you have to do is stick to it.

F A K E   I T   T I L L   Y O U   M A K E   I T 

I always thought that this was complete BS. Until I did my research on it and found that this is a real strategy to beat negativity. In simple terms, this technique requires you to fake being happy, until you actually start feeling happy. Let me explain. Basically, when you force yourself to laugh, or smile or say things such as “today is a good day”, even when it is clearly a shitty day, you trick your mind into thinking that “hmm, today is a good day”. Even if deep down you know that you don’t believe what you are saying, or you know that the smile you had on for that snapchat selfie was fake, statistically speaking you are already a step closer to being happy. I know it sounds silly, but just trust me on this one. Before you know it you’ll be smiling without needing to force it.

These are the steps I use to fight negativity or get myself out of a rut. A part two is coming very soon on how to maintain that positive mindset so that you stay happy. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

~~What are your tips to fighting negativity?

Until next time,

Georgia X



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