What University has taught me

Hey babes, welcome back! Recently I have been spending a whole bunch of time on self-reflection, journalling and all that kind of stuff, so one night I found myself questioning what it is that my freshman year of University has taught me.

P L A N 


Planning is the best tip I could ever give to you. And it doesn’t just apply to school work, and deadlines, but your whole entire life. We’ve discussed many times before what a notebook junkie I am, and the reason for that is because I like all my goals to be broken into little do-able tasks that I then make into my schedule. That way I make sure that within my week, I make time to study, socialize, work out, journal, cook healthy meals etc. When you make a plan it forces you to know exactly what you should be doing in every moment, so it’s much easier to keep yourself in check.

Y O U R    C H O I C E 


First year of uni, was directly associated with me moving out from my parents’ house, into my own apartment. For me, that meant that I no longer had family watching over my every move and gave me a lot of freedom. I got to cook whenever I wanted to, or order in food whenever I wanted to. I got to study whenever, and work out whenever with no one supervising. At the beginning it was all good and well, because I was excited for the new beginning, and very motivated, however around final’s season of my first semester, that motivation started wearing off. This of course led to pizza nights back to back, lack of sleep etc, because no one was monitoring my decisions. I, of course pulled myself out of that, however I learned a very important lesson: Although freedom can feel amazing, in order to stay successful, you need to put it into your head that it’s something YOU need to do. It’s quite a lot of responsibility.

B E I N G   A L O N E


In the last 8 months, I went from living with a loud 5-member family, to living alone in a solo apartment, and it was quite the change. At first I loved it, very much. The peace and quite, ugh, too good. But at times it also got lonely. This year taught me to be okay with being alone. It taught me that I’m good enough by myself, and it taught me how to pull myself out of feeling meh without needing anyone else. Now of course family and friends are lovely to have, however after going through many emotions this year and dealing with it alone, I feel more powerful. It’s a great feeling, to wake up one morning and feel great just being you, and spending quality time with yourself, without feeling like you need someone else.

C O N F O R T   Z O N E S 


During this year, I also started my blog. About 4 months ago, actually. It was something I had wanted to do for a while, but never quite got brave enough to actually do, until this year. This has been the biggest stretch out of my comfort zone, ever, but it’s really paying off. This year taught me that it’s okay to step out my comfort zone, and the things I feel secure with. This was one of the biggest lessons of the year, and doing so made me feel empowered. I couldn’t recommend this enough.

G O   T O   C L A S S 


Okay, so this thing happened this year, where my schedule got all messed up, and I basically had to go to school for a 50 minute lecture and come right home, many times a week. As it takes me more time to go to school and back, than the lecture itself, I stopped going regularly and that messed with me academically. Going to class forces you to just go and get it out of the way, instead of convincing yourself that you will do it later. Plus I often find myself to be listening more attentively when I’m in class, as I need to stay caught up in what is being said, as opposed to doing an online module, which gives me the option to pause and go back whenever I want. Go to class, kids. Even if it’s super cold out.

M E M O R I E S 


They say your uni years are the best ones of your entire life. So make sure to do the things you love, with the people you love, creating tons of memories. For me, I love to travel. So I made sure to book myself a couple of trips. I booked myself tickets to California for two weeks during my winter break, and again for another 3 weeks in late Spring. I also booked myself tickets to Greece for this summer for one whole month. These were probably the best choices I have made all year and would never regret them. I hope this inspires you to do something you love as well. If it’s going to parties and getting drunk, do that. If it’s staying at home and reading 52 books in one year, then I hope you do that as well. Whatever it is that you love, please please please do it. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

All in all, this year taught me that although living alone gives you freedom, in order to make good use of it, you need to program yourself into being an independent person. You need to make plans including all the things you want for yourself, and stick to them. I also learned all about self love, and became a lot more content with who I am alone, without needing other people in my life in order to maintain my self-esteem. It has been a very life-changing experience, and I know that I have matured and changed a lot as a person. I’ve become stronger, and more determined than ever. I have never felt so powerful in my life.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time, 

Georgia X





18 thoughts on “What University has taught me

  1. I totally agree with the alone time, it was a hugeee adjustment for me as well (moving from my parents place to my own solo apartment). I realized that it was definitely a learning experience to cope with being lonely but over time I was feeling peace and comfort with my alone time. Which was crazy because a year later I moved to the city and moved in with 3 roommates and was totally bummed because some days I just wanted to come home and not have to talk to anyone lol Such a readjustment. Luckily another year later I moved in with Andrew which was a good happy medium.

    xo, JJ


  2. This was a lovely post. I loved my first year at uni, I was lucky enough to go to uni in the same town I grew up in, so I still lived at home. It was an adjustment from high school though, where you move from class to class with a big group of friends. I often moved around on my own, which did feel a little lonely sometimes.

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