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Hey babes, welcome back! Last night I found myself scrolling through some pictures my boyfriend and I took last week when we did some local exploring so I decided to write a little post about it so I can show you guys!

Although this post is short and sweet, photography holds a special place in my heart as 1. I love it as a hobby, but also 2. because those captured memories from when my boyfriend was in town so of course they have sentimental meaning attached.

Also I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that I live in Canada, and although those pictures were all taken within a two day span, the weather always jumps from one extreme to the other. So in this case, one day it’s Spring, and the next day you wake up with 5cm of snow and a temperature of -5. So please don’t mind the dramatic outfit change. My fellow Canadians can relate to this, I’m sure aha!

If anyone is curious, the camera that was used was the Nikon D3200, with a Nikon 35mm af-s lens.

I hope you enjoy!


Outfit Details: Jeans (Forever 21), Black bodysuit (Forever 21), Boots (Urban Planet), Sunglasses (Claire’s), Scarf (Urban Planet), Gloves (Ardene’s), Black Jacket (Vero Moda), Olive-Green Jacket (Urban Planet)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,
Georgia X



5 thoughts on “Exploring | Travel Diaries

  1. You are just too darn pretty!!! I’ve been dying to try a body suit, I see them all the time at forever 21 and they’re so cute but I’m like is it a total pain when you have to go to the bathroom or anything? lol Im assuming its just as much of a process as a romper would be and I love rompers so I guess I should just try one hah

    xo, JJ

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    1. First of all, THANK YOU SM ❤ But also, ahahaha I thought the same thing, but it's not that bad, and definitely not as bad as a romper because you don't need to remove your entire top off!! I love them so much, they're a huge staple in my closet, 10/10 would recommend haha!

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