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Hey babes, welcome back! A few months ago I came to the realization that a good productive morning starts the night before. After switching and turning things around in my night routine, I have found the perfect combination that makes for the most productive days.


Somehow the simple task of putting a few clothing items together seems to get overly complex when you need to get it done before your 8AM class. That is why you need to get to the habit of doing that from the night before. You never know what might pop up in the morning, and if you will end up being in a rush, so check the weather and plan out your outfit (shoes and accessories included of course) from the night before and have it hanging and ready to go for when you wake up. By doing this, you ensure there won’t be a wardrobe malfunction as you will have enough time to check that it is weather and setting appropriate, but also all that stress is automatically off your shoulders, and you don’t need to worry about it first thing in the morning.


I can talk about the importance of meal prepping for hours, however for the sake of this post, let’s just say it’s one of the best decisions you can ever make. What I like to do is cook a larger chunk of food once, and that is enough to feed me lunch and dinner for two days. That way, when I wake up in the morning and I need to leave for work or school, I already have my lunch ready and packed, so all I need to do is grab a fork and put it in my bag. For breakfast, it’s a little bit different because I always try to have super healthy breakfast such as smoothies, or an egg sandwich, so I can’t prepare that from the night before. However I set up my coffee mug next to my Kettle, as well as place a banana and a glass next to my blender, that way everything is in arms reach.


I am veeeeeeery picky about waking up to a clean house, and this can literally make or break my entire day. I always take 10-15 minutes to tidy up my apartment before I go to sleep, and that means putting all my pens in my penholder, my notebooks being stacked up, my waterbottle being filled and in my fridge, my clothes being folded or put away in the laundry basket. Waking up to a clean space makes me feel a lot more capable of getting things done, since everything is so tidy and all I need to do is get my work done. I cannot express enough the impact that this can have on your day, just trust me!


Again, you never really know what might pop up when. You don’t know if your alarm won’t go off, or if things will go wrong, so I highly recommend having all your stuff put in your bag and ready to go, so in case you need to leave within minutes, you can just get dressed, grab your bag and head out. It also makes sure that you are not forgetting anything important. I know me, for example, my brain does not begin to function until after I have had my cup of coffee, so trying to remember what it is I need for the day is a very difficult task to complete at 7AM when I wake up.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!!

What do you do before bed that makes your morning run smoother?

Until next time, 
Georgia X




21 thoughts on “NIGHT ROUTINE: Habits you need to build | Lifestyle

  1. I’m 100% a pick my outfit out the night before type of person. It’s funny because my boyfriend and I will be laying in bed at night and he’ll be talking as I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear tomorrow and then I overhear him be like “did you hear what I said” and I’m just like uhhh, I was thinking of my outfit?! haha It’s so crucial though! I leave myself with very minimal time to get ready in the AM so being able to just grab what I had planned in my head works out so well! I also, like you, prepare lunch (if I’m going to bring lunch to work with me) the night before too so I can just grab and go! Awesome tips though and a total must for everything on there!

    xo, JJ

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