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Hey babes, welcome back! A very important resolution of mine for 2017 has been to be very positive, optimistic and overall happy, and a big part of this is starting off your day right. Thankfully I have this mindset where I treat each day as independent from both the one prior, and the one to follow. Now, I’m not sure where I picked up such habit, but I’ve been doing it for years, so I thought I would share some of the things I do to start off each and every day on the right track, feeling excited and motivated!

Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour.
Check your thoughts, attitude & heart.  -unknown

Everyone always says “If you want to be happy, just decide that you are happy and tada, mission complete” however, it is not always that simple. Sometimes being in a bad mood is unavoidable, whether that is because you woke up from a bad dream, or someone pissed you off first thing in the morning, but there are some things that you can do to change the way you feel in the morning.



N A T U R A L   L I G H T / Waking up in natural light is one of my favourite feelings in the entire world. Something about the sun barging in through the windows as it starts to rise makes me happy. I always sleep with my blinds open so that when the sun starts to rise, the room starts to slowly light up with it. It also makes me wake up earlier, since it gradually exposes you to natural light, but I find that whole process so peaceful and calming. In contrast,  when I sleep in a dark room during which half the day can go by with me just being asleep, which makes me feel unaccomplished and unproductive.

F R E S H   A I R / There is something about fresh air that I find so calming. I always love cracking open a window and getting the chilly feeling of morning air. Fresh air gets me up and awake very quickly in a very relaxed way.

G E T   O U T   O F   B E D / This is super important! Do not stay in bed for too long. The more time you spend in bed on your phone, just scrolling through social media, the lazier and lazier you will begin to feel. Take a few minutes if you want checking your messages, and the comments on your recent post, but after 5-10 minutes it’s time to get up and out of bed.

M U S I C / Music is key. The kind of music you get exposed to will alter the way you are feeling at any part of the day, but especially in the morning. There are hundreds of playlists on Spotify that are filled with calming and relaxing tunes specifically for the morning time, so that you slowly wake up to the sound of some good music. This will obviously change depending on each person’s personal preference, but my favourite on at the moment is “morning”. If you’re curious, you can find it here !!

C O F F E E / This is by far my favorite part of my morning. I love coffee, I drink lots and lots and lots of it daily (really bad for me, i know), and it is my favorite part of my morning routine. It marks the official beginning of my day. I also like to switch it up every few weeks so that I don’t get bored of it, and so it is something to look forward to in the morning. If you don’t like coffee, the same thing applies to any drink or food you wish to have in the morning. In my case, the smell of coffee being made just puts me in a very happy mood.

A L O N E   T I M E / This step is often disregarded/forgotten by many people. I, however, am a strong believer in that no matter how rushed you are in the morning, or how early you wake up, you need to have in your schedule time planned specifically for you. During that time you can do whatever it is your heart desires.

B E    O R G A N I S E D / A huge part of starting your day on the right track is feeling prepared. Being organized from the night before makes you  ready to conquer your day when you wake up. Some preperations I do is picking out my outfit, packing my bag, and preparing my lunch for the day to follow. That way when I wake up, I can just put on my outfit, and pick up my bag and head out, without worrying if I forgot anything at home, since that has already been taken care of before I even wake up. Having a general plan for the day is also very important, since it forces you to know what you should be doing at what time, as opposed to waking up and not knowing where to start your day.

Thank you so much reading, hope you enjoyed!

What do you do to better your mood in the morning?

Georgia X





21 thoughts on “HOW TO: start your day in a happy & positive mood | Lifestyle

  1. I definitely can vouch that all of those things help me maintain a positive day/lifestyle. I personally love waking up to a nice sunny morning, go outside, get a coffee and then begin my day. Can’t ever go wrong with that 🙂 Of course it’d be better if I could get out of bed every day at my own leisure opposed to in a rush to get to work lol but weekends, definitely!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel that struggle! My schedule is full of 8AM classes at uni and I work on the weekends, so I rarely get to sleep in! But yes, chilly fresh air + warm coffee is the formula for happiness in my life! x


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