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Hey babes, welcome back! Lately I have been planning a rather exciting summer vacation with my siblings and my boyfriend that involves both California and three European countries (Amsterdam, Germany & Greece) so in honour of the exciting times to come, I decided to put this little post together for any of you who might be going away for either Spring Break, or for Summer.

Hope you find this helpful!

*This picture was taken in the Summer of 2015 on my way to Greece with my sister

Here is my list of In-Flight Essentials that I always have on me:

P A S S P O R T – I wanted to start with “the obvious one”, since I have almost left my house for the airport numerous times without it. If you plan on flying out from anywhere, you will need it.

W A L L E T – One of the most important items on  my list! It holds my cash, my cards, my Driver’s License and all the important stuff.

E L E C T R O N I C S – A definite must for me, as I am super basic and can not function without my iPhone/laptop. Also important to include a camera on this category to capture all the memories.

H E A D P H O N E S – I always carry with me a pair of headphones on a plane. It is needed to cancel out the noises of not only the actual airplane, but also people talking, babies crying, and all that. A lot of people use the BEATS by Dre, as they are amazing for noise cancellation, but I just bring my apple earphones that come with my phone, and they work good enough for me.

C O S M E T I C S – I always bring a few products with me on the plane, such as hand sanitizer, lotion, deodorant, tissues etc. I also always bring my toothbrush because my flights are always more than just a few hours long. A little bit of makeup is also essential so I can touch up on my face before I land. My must-haves include BB creme for a little bit of coverage, mascara and lipstick, since lipstick can make you look a lot more put together.

N O T E B O O K S – If I were to collect anything, it would be notebooks. I literally LIVE for cute notebooks, I use them every day, so obviously I have to bring one with me to jot down random thoughts, blog post ideas, things I need to do, things I need to buy etc. Plus you never know when you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen.

B O O K S – I find flights to be a good time to go a little bit MIA and just enjoy some alone time. Books are a great way to keep you entertained throughout a long flight. Magazines are a great alternative.

C O Z Y   I T E M S – Planes tend to be very cold and uncomfortable so I always bring things to make me feel cozy, such as a warm scarf, a sleep mask, fuzzy socks etc. I also always bring snacks because airplane food just sucks.

L A N D I N G   P R E P – This one gets disregarded a lot, but its sooo important. You always need to take into account the climate you come from and the climate you are going to. For example, when I fly to Greece or California, I always pack sunglasses, T-shirts etc. However when I fly back to Canada I always pack mittens, beanies, and scarves to be ready for the cold weather.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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Where should I go to next?

Georgia X




43 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials | Travel Diaries

  1. Great tips! For sure all necessary ones, it is crazy but I never use to think much of bringing blankets or cozy things with me on the plane ride but my last trip has opened my eyes to that! I was so cold on my plane ride back which made the 5 hour trip super uncomfy! For my upcoming trips I plan on bringing the full works =)

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  2. Your upcoming travel plans as me totally envious!!! Amsterdam, Germany, and Greece- ugh lucky lucky girl. I’m dying to plan some out of the country trip STAT. I’m also doing a Cali trip coming up soon-ish (not soon enough) Where in Cali will you be going? Your list of travel essentials are all things I check and double check I have with me, I think you’ve nailed every single thing on there!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I loooove traveling, I work 2 jobs to save up so I can travel, so I’m very excited! In Cali I’m going mainly to LA, but possibly going to Vegas for a concert, as well as San Fran & San Diego, but we’ll see! When are you leaving for Cali? Whenever it is, it is never soon enough haha! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you found this helpful X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Smart girl!!! I’ll be going end of May to June…San Diego and San Fran. When are you going?! I’m more excited about SF because I’ve already been to SD but still excited to just be back in Cali in general no matter where it is. I’ve been to LA too which I liked, I wanted to go back so we mighttt do a little road trip there too!

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  3. New to blogging and came across yours. Great tips. I love to travel and have a real passion for sharing my experiences with others in hope they will get the best out of their trips. Keep blogging and I will keep reading

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