GRWM: Semi-Formal Dinner Date | Makeup & Fashion

Hey babes, welcome back!  A few nights ago I went on a date with my boyfriend in honour of celebrating 1. Valentine’s Day and 2. Me finally being finished with all my exams and it was a lot of fun!

M A K E U P 

For make up I decided to go for a more natural look because: 1. I’m not a fan of a lot of a “loud” makeup look to a date that was more casual and that since the dress was already bold on its own, and 2. I wanted the dress to be the highlight of my look.

So to start off, I put on lip balm, because its super important! I then applied my usual base products, as well as my regular BB creme. My skin was looking fine that day, so it wasn’t necessary to cake my face up. I use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in the colour Medium Sheer Tint.

I then applied some concealer at the spots that needed a little bit of extra love, just to hide some small blemishes. For this, I used the Covergirl Concealer in the shade 705-fair, which actually I’m in the look out for a good alternative, because I’m not super crazy about it (so if you have any suggestions, help your girl out)!

As I let my face “dry”, I filled in my eye brows slightly using a Rimmel London pencil in the colour 002 Hazel.


I then started working on the eye look. I used a neutral’s palette, and I worked with three different colours, all of which were different shades of brown. I did a simple smoky eye look, and applied my go-to eyeliner.


I then contoured my face a little bit, so I can look a little more put together.


Finally, I put on my all time favourite lip product, which is the NYX soft matte lip cream in the color Budapest (SMLC25). AHH if you have never tried this before, you need to do so ASAP! The Budapest colour matched my dress perfectly and made a really big difference on the overall look.


To finish off, I put on my favorite mascara, the L’Oréal Hydrofuge Voluminous Carbon Black, in the colour N401, because I’m weird and I always put on mascara last.


So this is what I did for my make up for a casualish dinner date, I really love how everything turned out.

O U T F I T 

To this dinner date I wore a nice tight burgundy dress that my boyfriend actually picked out for me and I’m beyond obsessed with it! Here is a picture of it:


Needless to say I was very impressed with his choice! It was a gorgeous colour, felt really really smooth, and because of its material, it was not only comfortable, but also warm which was a big plus in my books. I couldn’t find the link to exact dress but if you’re interested, there is a similar one here !!

Also important to note that my man looked super handsome as well <33

As always, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!!

Until next time,

Georgia X


 IMG_0548.jpg  IMG_0634.jpg


15 thoughts on “GRWM: Semi-Formal Dinner Date | Makeup & Fashion

  1. You looked gorgeous! Love the makeup and that dress! The color combinations were perfect for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 So nice seeing you two celebrate together! Hope all is well with you too! Sending lots of love!

    – Jess

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  2. Girl that red velvet dress is everythinggggg, you’re boyfriend must’ve had ultimate heart eyes!!! That just melts my heart that you guys still get ready and celebrate even its it through video chat, thats love right there!!! I love the idea of a subtle makeup look when its your outfit that you really want to showcase. I typically always go with subtle make up regardless but will do a nice lip color to make it all pop like yours did! Love it!!!

    xo, JJ

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