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Hey, hi, hello! I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend 🙂 Photography has been one of my passions for many years, mainly because I’m a fanatic for memories and the whole “capture the moment” thing.

I decided that it would be really cool to show you guys what a week in my life looks like through the snapchats I took this week because I love reading these / watching them on YouTube! This is also like how I manage my time so that I can accomplish all the things I want to accomplish in a week!


On Mondays I usually have school later in the day so I wake up at around 9AM, make myself some coffee, and get a little bit of studying done before class!




Tuesday’s are my easy days. I usually wake up around 7.30AM for class, but I come back home relatively early and then I have the rest of the day free. As a result, Tuesday is the  day I get my shit together and get alot of things done.

Anything from studying, to cleaning my room, to meal-prepping, to working out is done on Tuesdays. I also usually post my blogs on Tuesdays as well 🙂



Wednesdays are also a “stay at home and do things” kind of day. Since I don’t have to go anywhere early in the morning, I usually make myself a “fancier” breakfast, like an omelet, or a smoothie or perhaps french toast. I then get a morning studying session in before I have to head to class.

When I get home, I always call my mom on the phone because it’s her day off so we chat for a long while, and it’s also the day I go on dates with my boyfriend because it’s also his day off from school and work.




Thursdays are my worst days 😦 They are super packed with things that need to get done. I always have a quiz on Thursday morning, and I have four classes that I need to attend, as well as additional homework that is due Friday. My least favorite school day for sure, but it’s sort of the “last push” before the Weekend comes around 🙂



By the time Friday rolls through I am usually exchausted. I also have a packed schedule Friday mornings, but thankfully I am finished with school at around 3pm. I come home and relax for a few hours before I have to head to work in the evening.

After work I come home and do a workout at the gym and then come home and usually hang out with my boyfriend for a little bit. I also might do some reading, or watch some Netflix.

On some Fridays I might go out with friends to an event or a party, but I’m an introvert so I also enjoy my alone time a lot.



On the weekends I usually go back home, and spend time with my family because I don’t see them every day. I also work on the weekends and do all my shopping for the week such as grocery store shopping, occasional clothes shopping, and school supplies shopping if I need to – I just purchase whatever I might need during the week.

On Sunday nights I also plan out the following week and schedule in all the things I want to get done. This makes me feel prepared for the week to follow 🙂 I always end my Sundays with a hot shower, a cup of tea and a good book, because it’s just a very calm way to end the week.


What does your week look like?

Georgia X



10 thoughts on “A WEEK IN MY LIFE | Lifestyle

  1. Loved this post! I’m the same with enjoying seeing other peoples posts like these on Youtube! You should consider starting youtube vlogs! lol the Skype dates are too cute, it’s always nice making time for the significant other despite what goes on during our busy days! Have a great weekend girl! 🙂

    – Jess

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  2. I love posts when people share their day to day life. Its nice to live vicariously through someone for a few minutes lol But boy does your schedule make me miss my college days of class and part time jobs. I totally took for granted having free time, some late mornings, and just time to myself. Enjoy it now!!! Once the full time jobs come into play, it’s not so fun. But the flow of income does help, I guess 🙂 Whatre you majoring in for school?

    xo, JJ

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