Spending Valentine’s Day Apart | The Valentine’s Day Series

Hey babes, welcome back! As you might or might not know, I am in a long distance relationship with my man (duh), and have been for (almost) a year and a half.

And although the list of cons of a long distance relationship is endless, one of the things that reeeeeeeally sucks is Valentine’s Day. I mean every day you miss the other person, but on certain occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, namedays (it’s a religious thing), New Years, and Valentine’s Day it sucks even more. And the reason for that is because you know those days are meant to be spent with loved ones, and you have loved ones. They’re just not with you. I mean, Valentine’s Day is the day to spend with your loved ones and exchange little gifts and go out and have a good time, however when you are 3,960 km away from someone, it can be tough.


HOWEVER, since I’m a super positive and optimistic person, I want that to reflect on this platform soooo instead of expressing negative thoughts I’m just gonna tell you about my Valentine’s Day plans; long distance relationship edition haha

I apologize if you can’t relate to this, not a lot of people are/have been in a long distance relationship, to which I say gooood for youuuu because this shit is touuuuugh. Funny story actually I was like that one person who was always like “I will never do long distance, that’s too hard and I’m not emotionally strong to pull that off, I don’t even wanna try” but then I travelled to Greece and met this cutie:

And within our 10 days together he said all the right things and here we are, a year and a half later❤

But aaaaanyways, this is our second Valentine’s Day together, and also the second Valentine’s day we are spending apart. Don’t let this fool you though, because we have plaaaaaaans! So here is a short version of the plan (mainly because chances are some things will change in the plan):

FaceTime + same meal + good romance (hopefully) movie + hang out session + talk about where we would be going if we spent this day together + make future plans + open our gifts (if they arrive on time; they never do) + cuddle up and fall asleep on FaceTime

Now I don’t know how much of that will actually happen because I have two midterms, two assignments and a quiz all within a 48 hour range from today, soooo I guess I’ll see and update ya later! But this is the plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE and spreading happiness! Also please please pleeeeease stay safe if you’re going on a date with someone new who you don’t quite know well enough to trust, stay alert! You’re all amazing and beautiful people, and you don’t need to do anything you’re uncomfortable with to make up for anything. You don’t owe anything to anyone 🙂 Hope your night goes exactly as you want it to!!! ❤

Baby girl, you deserve the world and some   -unknown

If you have any advice on long distance relationships that you have experienced/  read on the internet/ just came up with in the last 0.3 seconds when you read the question, pleeeeease let me know because I’ll take all the help I can get! (or if you have a blog post about long distance relationship, link it in the comments so I can check it out). Thanks for reading!!!!

What are YOUR Valentine’s Day plans???

Until next time,

Georgia X




7 thoughts on “Spending Valentine’s Day Apart | The Valentine’s Day Series

  1. Oh my goodness your photos in front of the Cinderella Castle is GOALS!!!!! Ugh, I need that. I loved reading about the little back story on how you two met….in Greece?! Can your life be anymore of a fairytale?! You only hear of people falling in love in a beautiful country in books and movies, how amazing! We’re you guys both on vacation? Now I want to know more lol But as for advice…even though I’ve been there done that. I have none other than patience. A lot of strong will power and patience. But lucky you guys have facetime, when I was in mine skype was the only thing we could use and lugging a computer around wasn’t ideal LOL

    xo, JJ

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    1. Ahhhh thanks so much!!! Girl, I gotchu! He’s coming to visit me in Canada in 25 days and I’ll be sure to put together a little post about how we met 🙂 our story is actually intense haha!! Thanks for reading & thanks for the advice!!! X

      Liked by 1 person

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