1 Min Video Journal | Visiting my boyfriend in California

Hey babes, welcome back! I recently came back from Cali, as you all know & I put this little video together to summorise my experiences!

Although this isn’t beauty/fashion related, it is a huge part of my life, and I really wanted to share it with you all 🙂 I had a blast spending two weeks with my boyfriend in California, and got a taste of what living with him is like, and to be quite honest, its addicting. I obviously was going to mention this, considering it’s super close to Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to take the opportunity to just say a huge thank you and and an even huge-errr i love you to my man ❤

I had a blast, possibly the most amazing two weeks of my life (but then again my trip to Greece with my sister summer 2015 was also a pretty close call). I miss him like crazy. The thing about long distance is that you really get spoiled in the little time you get with the other person, and then you have to leave that behind. Being in long distance for a year and a half has been very tough because I’m a super loving person and I literally wanna see him every 5 minutes, but we’re working on it!

Again, big thanks to my baby for having me over at his house and spoiling me every day ❤ If you’re reading this; just know that appreciate you and love you lots <33

Until next time, 

Georgia X















10 thoughts on “1 Min Video Journal | Visiting my boyfriend in California

  1. Aww this was too cute!! I’m glad you and your boyfriend were able to spend some time together especially being long distance! My boyfriend and I did long distance as well and I was the one from California but he came and visited me so it’s like the opposite of your situation haha but I totally get you when you say long distance you get really spoiled with the time you do have together because every single moment counts and you just tend to do more sweet lovey dovey stuff lol Thanks for sharing your journey and trip to cali! ❤

    – Jess

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  2. You two are the cutest!!! I’m so glad you got to fly out to see him. I totally understand that whole long distance relationship thing (ive been there) and its so tough. But total props for doing it… I truly do feel that distance makes the heart grow fonder! I hope the two of you get to be together daily sooner than later!! But then again, it helps that you get to travel to cali 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thank youuu!!! It’s been ups and downs but totally worth it hehe. && Visiting him in Cali was truly a blasttt 🙂 Awhhh thank you, I hope for the same haha, but good thing is that he’ll be coming to visit me in 26 days, so yay! Thanks for all the support and positivity X

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