10 Winter Date Ideas | Valentine’s Day Series 

As much as we all love winter wonderland, truth is, it’s very limiting in terms of things to do, especially if you live in places like Canada where it is constantly -30 with like 40,000,000 cm of snow. (Just kidding, but like not really)

I know a lot of us have some dates coming up this Valentine’s Day whether it’s with your gf/bf, your momma, your best friend, we’re all trying to do fun things. So I decided to put together a little list for all of you (and future me) for when we’re running low on date night ideas. Enjoy!!!!!

1) A movie night: I know, super basic, cliché af but I had to include it because winter is the best time to go watch a movie!

2) Go ice skating: Ice skating is probably one of the most romantic date ideas for the winter time. It’s always nicely decorated and just a very nice atmosphere for a date. It can be lots and lots of fun if you let yourself enjoy it. Don’t worry about falling; it’s totally fine, everyone does it. I mean, did you really go ice skating If you didn’t fall at least once? 

3) Have a snow fight: What a better way to tease your crush than throwing snow balls at him?! It just seems like such a fun date, where you will guaranteed laugh your lungs out

4) Picnic: This is self-explanatory, just pack up your favourite snacks, find a nice location and have a little picnic!

5) Drive-in Theatre: This is perfect alternative if you have a car and you wish to avoid your parents/siblings who would be at home if you had a regular movie date. You just roll up your windows and it just allows for privacy. People are still around you in other cars, but at least you can cuddle and kiss and stuff without worrying about family members interrupting.

6) Romantic dinner: Come on, obviously this was going to be on the list. A nice classy candle lit dinner is a standard. Always a good choice.

7) Board game night: Being a generation constantly attached to our phones, it will be nice to disconnect for a few hours and play a traditional board game like Monopoly or something.

8) Walk in a winter wonderland: I know it’s super cold out, but I recommend getting dressed up in a warm outfit, picking up some hot chocolate and going on a quiet walk in a winter wonderland. Super romantic, and definitely a good kissing spot!

9) Attend a sports game: Take advantage of the winter season and attend a sports game! Perhaps hockey?

10) Have a bake night: If the cold is too much to handle, get yourself to a kitchen and bake some goods with your loved ones. It just seems like such a cute activity, that is lots of fun. (Hint hint @ my bf).

Hope these were helpful and/or inspiring!

***Reminder: Enjoy your date night, but remember to stay safe. Stay out of uncomfortable situations! If you don’t like something, please voice your opinion (or say “BRB, going to use the washroom for a sec” and never come back).

P.S. If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comments/likes!! More love oriented content coming up daily until Feb 15th, so keep an eye out for that!

Georgia X




11 thoughts on “10 Winter Date Ideas | Valentine’s Day Series 

    1. Hey girl hey! I’m glad you liked it!! Ice skating is probably one of the most fun date ideas for the winter in my opinion. Everything about it is just so cute and romantic! Currently trying super hard to get my boyfriend to go with me haha 😛 Thanks for stopping by X

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