Date Night Outfit Ideas | Valentine’s Day Series

Hey babes, I’m back again! Today I wanted to talk all things fashion because Velentine’s day is a super special time of the year where alot of  romantic dates take place, and the biggest delema of a date is always the outfit, so I’m here bringing you all some inspiration!

Young women need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked
-Marc Jacobs

These styles vary from chic, to casual to model off duty and everything in between. Feel free to alter these to best suit your own style, the clothes that you already own & the weather where you live. Stay classy ladies & remember that your hair and makeup will complete the look as well!

*Pictures were taken from Pinterest & We Heart It for inspiration only*

I hope the pictures helped inspire you and got you hyped up for Valentine’s Day.

***Remember that the clothes you wear don’t determine your personal value so don’t stress about the standard that is set  by society for all women around the world through the form of social media. You don’t need expensive clothes and makeup to look pretty because you’re all gorgeous in your own way. Beauty isn’t fixed; everyone has their own preferances, so if you’re with someone who makes you feel less than perfect, then girl you deserve better!

Thanks for reading till the end & I will talk to you all tomorrow in my next post!

Georgia X



11 thoughts on “Date Night Outfit Ideas | Valentine’s Day Series

  1. Oh wow, those outfits are right up my ally. I love each and every one of them. I love the suede skirt look, and love mine so much- I find myself wearing it way too often but my absolute favorite is the sweater dress and knee high boots. I find myself always going for that look!

    xo, JJ

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