San Diego Travel Blog | Jan 3, 2017

Hey, hi, hello 👋 A little while ago I came back from California, and a small portion of my vacation was spent in San Diego with my boyfriend and some friends, and LET ME TELL YOU, I fell in love with it!

So of course I decided to gather all the pictures I could find and put them all into a little post for you guys 🙂 

Disclaimer: There are a lot of pictures to follow

📌 San Diego Surfer Hotel 

My boyfriend and I got our own hotel room and I specifically wanted it to be right on the beach, and with this hotel, you literally walked downstairs, crossed a little walking pathway and your feet touched the sand. It was an amazing view to wake up to!! 
📌 Exploring the City of San Diego

Although sitting on the balcony of the hotel and sipping on coffee while enjoying the view was one of the most amazing moments of my life, my boyfriend convinced me that we should go out and actually enjoy the city of San Diego. 

From what I saw, the city was filled with cute coffee shops, nice stores, lots of places to go and eat, and a lot of nightclubs. San Diego is a city of young adults. Everywhere you looked you saw people in their 20’s. It felt great to be surrounded with people my own age group. Here are some photos: 

📌 Pacific Beach

Of course we had to finish the trip by stopping to see the sunset on the beach like the basic tourists we were.

San Diego was definitely a big highlight of my entire trip to California. If you haven’t been, I highly highly recommend it. We only spent a couple of days there which was not nearly enough time for me, but it’s part of the plan for us to go back again 🙂 I guess keep an eye out for that perhaps in the summer 😉 

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I love you and appreciate you all to the moon & back 

Georgia X

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