2016 RECAP in pictures – uni, travelling, moving out and more!

Hey, hi, hello friends!

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR OMG, I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas break, a very fun NYE and started off 2017 on the right track!!! (If you didn’t that’s totally fine, any day is as good as Jan 1st, to get your life together)

Everyone says that 2016 was such a bad year which was not the case for me, but to all of you who can relate to the first part of this sentence, DONT WORRY GIRL IT’S OVER NOW, on to bigger better things :))

I’m sooooo sorry, I’ve had 3 coffees today, so I’m suuuper hyper and excited to write this! As you may or may not have known, I went to California for the break, and a bunch of crazy things happened, so all the things I had scheduled to post got pushed back until I returned home, and that’s why I’m wishing you happy new year 14 days late #ProBlogger

But back to the topic, I had this crazy idea one night, to write about my 2016 experiences, sort of like my favorite memories and cool things I did, but obviously I don’t only write these blogs for myself, so I figured I’d add some pictures to make it a little more entertaining to all of you!!! I limit myself to only a small number of pictures because although I love photography and “capturing the moment” and all that, but I also love you so I don’t want this page doesn’t lag like crazy while you read, soooo here we go 🙂

Hope you enjoy xx


• Got a 88% average which has been very hard to achieve and maintain in the previous years (January)

•  Started working again at a really cool job — here is a picture of me in my work shirt (: (February)IMG_1855.jpg

• Got accepted to my dream school on a scholarship (March)

•  Helped raise money for a charity at my school by biking in 80’s workout clothing with my friends (April)


• Took time to figure out who I am and  what I want from my life & spent time building relationships with people who matter, such as family (April)

• Went to my grad breakfast, a school event for seniors with all my friends (May)

• Went to my senior prom ft. my handsome boyfriend!!! (June)

IMG_1270.jpg   IMG_1271.jpg

• My boyfriend came to visit me in Canada from California right before prom (yes, we’re in a long distance relationship) and he lived with me for 3 weeks!! (July)


IMG_1339.jpg    IMG_1258.jpg

• Moved out of my parents’ house into an apartment next to my school (August)

• I got my first real job as a (part time) language teacher in an elementary school which I love!! (September)

• Created my blog which I have been wanting to do for literally years!!! (November)

• Booked myself a trip to LA for two weeks with my boyfriend –check out my recent posts for my travel journals 😉 (December)

IMG_0169.jpg  IMG_0172.jpgIMG_0150.jpg

• Ended the year surrounded by loved ones and a new years’ kiss (December)



Goals for the new year:

With 17 being my favorite/lucky number, I have a great feeling about the year of 2017. I think this year will be one filled with positive energies and productivity. I also have a feeling  that it will be the year in which I will discover a lot of things about myself, which I am very excited for.

For this year I want my goals to be focused a lot more on lifestyle changes, as opposed to specific goals. Here is a list of the things I hope to achieve this year:

Pay closer attention to my body: This is the most important goal of the year for me, and that’s why it is listed as first. Although I already make sure to not eat junk food, this year I  want to pay better attention to everything that goes into my body. Without focusing too much on calories and my overall weight, I want to do research so that I can be better informed specifically on the topic of food. Additionally, I want this year to be a fit one. I do not mind my appearance and I am confident in my body, however my body is very weak, so I want to tone my body and gain overall strength.

Focus on my academics: Since I have moved out, it has become very clear how important school is. Living alone I have had a lot of free time to think about the person I am and the person I want to be, and have set very specific expectations for myself. One of those is to focus a lot on my education because that will ultimately get me the life I desire.

Be more consistent with my blog: When I created my blog it was intended to be just an occasional hobby. However I truly have started to love it and decided that in the new year I want to put a lot more time and effort into it since I enjoy it so much!

Do not neglect my emotional needs: Studying psychology has opened my eyes about the importance of emotional needs. In order to be aware of my thoughts and take better control of my life, journaling, meditating and vlogging will be key in 2017.

• Travel more: Traveling is something I discovered about a year ago and have become invested in it since. I love the entire idea of get sways and taking time off at a different place in order to re-charge and therefore I hope to do it a lot more in the years to come!! Please leave suggestions of places to travel next!!

~What was your highlight of the year??

I love you to the moon & back
XOXO, Georgia



Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 4.21.55 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 4.22.06 PM.png


8 thoughts on “2016 RECAP in pictures – uni, travelling, moving out and more!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much for the positivity 🙂 Long distance is honestly super hard, but it gives greater value to the little things (ie hugs, kisses, movie nights etc). It’s also super exciting when we see each other every few months, so it makes everything worth it! && Also thank you lots for stopping by xx

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  1. You looked amazing at your prom wow! I can also super relate to the New Year’s kiss thing too. I’m currently in a long distance relationship and he was here over the holiday period, it’s honestly the best thing ever! And like you said, it makes you appreciate the little things even more 🙂 all the best for 2017! X

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