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10 ways to instantly de-stress.
Stress. We all experience it and we all know how much it sucks. Here are my top 10 ways to help you instantly de-stress and get into an overall better mood.

As much as it seems impossible, try to get as far away from all electronics as you can. It is impossible to get rid of your stress when you have it following you around everywhere.

Drink green tea.
On top of the numerous benefits that tea has, tea is soothing and contains an amino acid that promotes relaxation. Green tea also counters the effect of caffeine, which often maximizes our stress levels.

Eat a healthy snack.
Even though chocolate ice cream can feel very satisfying on a stressful day, try to stick to healthier alternatives. An egg salad or some strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, for example, will make you feel a lot better in the hours to follow. Try to look for foods such as bananas which are filled with Potassium. The reason for that is because it helps regulate blood pressure, which tends to rise during stressful times.

Hit the road.
Whether that is a 10 minute walk to your closest park, or a weekend getaway to another city, get out! When things get out of hand, and there is nothing you can do in such a negative mindset, take a step back from everything and take a moment to look around. Soon you will come to realize how small your problems are when looking at the bigger picture. Use this time to identify the cause of your stress and recollect yourself. When you return, focus on creating a solid plan, on how you plan to resolve the issue (you can’t hide from your problems forever).

Let it all out.
It is important for your mental health to not let your feelings bundle up! So let it all out. To a friend, a family member or even a journal, it is important to let it out. And yes, this process may involve crying but it is okay, because sometimes that needs to be done too. Sometimes, you really have to get rid of all the negative thoughts (in the form of words, tears, or deep breaths) in order for the positive mindset to come back.

Treat yourself.
The purpose of the treat is to understand you have put too much on your plate and rewarding yourself for attempting to do it all, even though it is practically impossible. The treat can be in the form of a hot bath, a movie night with yourself or even a purchase of a new book you want to read. (Warning: Be careful not to overdo this!)

Yes, I am aware that this is such a cliché response, however there is a reason for that. Any form of working out, whether that is a yoga session, a dance class or a bodybuilding workout, will greatly impact your body, both physically and mentally.

Create a gratitude practice.
When stressing about big decisions is the perfect time to pause and start to appreciate the little things. Often times, we over think our problems, and we actually forget to be grateful for the things we do have, such as the fact that we are alive for yet another day, given another chance to change the things we dislike and make the most out of our lives. A way to remember to appreciate the little things is to keep a
gratitude log, in which you can note down the things you appreciate about your life. It literally takes 30 seconds, and has a huge impact on your overall view of the world.

Take on a small project.
Challenging yourself to complete a specific project when all you feel like doing is laying in bed and watching Grey’s Anatomy for the third time, is key when feeling stressed. Taking on a small project which can be finished in a matter of a few hours will make you feel not only productive, but also motivated and accomplished. This will get you in the mindset of thinking you can actually get things done.

Sleep on it.
When you think that if you waste another minute your whole world might collapse, the best thing you can do is sleep on it. I promise you, big problems will still be there when you wake up, and if not, it means it wasn’t such a big deal to begin with. And remember the 76 hour rule: If it won’t matter in 76 hours, it never did

~~What do you do to de-stress?

Love you to the moon & back

Georgia X



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