Things to be Grateful for on a Monday

Hey babes, welcome back! As I’m writing this, I should probably be on my desk studying for my Spanish final tomorrow, which I already know won’t go too well. Spanish has been an 8AM class every other day, for this entire year, so it’s fair to say that I accidentally slept through a few classes. As a result, I’m super behind trying to get it all together and prepare myself for this super long super hectic final.  Continue reading

HOW TO: Be Happy (all the time)

Hey babes, welcome back! I decided to write a post all about how to be happy and positivity for the spring time, but I didn’t want it to be too long, so I broke it up into two sections. The first one was how to fight negativity  , and today I will do part two, which is how to stay positive, after you have gotten rid of the negativity. These are sort of the things that I do, to make sure that being happy is a lifestyle, instead of a mood. I hope you find this helpful. Continue reading

HOW TO: Fight Negativity | Lifestyle

Hey babes, welcome back! Recently I’ve been in a super positive mindset, thinking very happy thoughts and feeling all around content with not only myself, but with my life as a whole. Like everyone else, I’ve also experienced the opposite side of the spectrum, so I decided to put together a post outlining all the things that I do that make me happy. The first section covers tips on how to fight a negative mindset/how to cleanse yourself of the negativity, and the second section talks about what to do to maintain that happiness. Enjoy! Continue reading

Happy Easter ♡

Hey babes, welcome back! Today is Easter Sunday, which is a super important date in the Greek Orthodox religion. It represents a lot of things, which I won’t bother getting into, because if you know, you know and if you don’t, you don’t.

The Greek culture involves numerous traditions that we have been practicing in my family since I was a baby. As a result Easter is always a really nice holiday for me, because those same traditions remind me of my childhood years and get me flooded with memories.  Continue reading